I am official

Hey there… good news! I FINALLY got my California Driver’s License *wohoo* :) I almost thought I would never get it…
Wednesday night we went to Davis to see Claudia for her belated birthday party. We got her a gift certificate at Borders and we also got a bookmark for her sister Britta, which we hadn’t met, but she’s her twin, so it was her birthday, too.
Claudia said that you can tell that I am a twin myself as nobody else would have thought of getting her sister a gift :) oh well, yes, I know how that is!

They also had invited another couple, Ben and Stacey. Ben is German, too and he comes from the same town as Claudia and Britta. He got married to Stacey last year and lives in Davis as well. The world is a small place! We had a really good time with drinks and snacks and a lot of talking and J and I went home much too late. So that I was really tired yesterday… but hey, it’s almost weekend and we get Monday off (it’s President’s Day!) :)

We set up an account with NETFLIX yesterday :) It’s really cool, because you can chose from thousands of movies and you can set up your own movie list and also change priorities online, so you’ll always get the movie that you want next!! We already ordered the first three movies and they got shipped earlier today, and since one of the distribution centers is here in Sac, I am hopeful that we’ll have the movies for the weekend!!

Didn’t do much last night… we did the laundry, watched two episodes of SATC and I went to bed kind of early, because I was so tired!

Plans for the weekends are… sleeping… reading… sleeping… watching movies… sleeping… snuggling with J… sleeping….*lol*  and maybe go someplace (in case it stops pouring! The weather is really nasty right now!)

So, I hope you’ll have a great weekend, too! :)

  1. Hey, glad to hear that you finally got your DL. What made it take so long? When I got mine in Kansas I got it the day I entered the US.

  2. Oh that’s a nice DL picture!
    I loooove Netflix! It so much fun! I think they have some sort of friends system there… let me look into that….

  3. Ah ok, what it is: you can see how your friends rate movies and recommend movies to them. Hmmm!

  4. Sanna… should we do the friends’ thing? :-D

  5. Good news everywhere! :-) Fine! When I look at my american drivers licence I can’t believe how I looked like 5 yrs ago :-D

  6. Hey San – I love the pic – its great when ya can get a nice pic on ya DL lol… Greg’s is pretty bad lol Not that I can talk since I dont have one lol Does this mean u and Jon get to share the driving when you go on day trips and stuff? :-) I know Greg would love it if I could share the driving lol… though I think he would change his mind if I ever ACTUALLY got behind the wheel :-0
    So did ya get much sleeping in on the weekend? We did – it rain for most of the weekend here :-( even some hail….. but its always nice to have an excuse to stay in bed or curled up on the couch :-)
    Miss ya tonz

  7. Betty Crocker’s Chocolatge Chip Muffins. It’s for 5 muffins and you add half a cup of water.

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