Hi everyone.
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!! :-D Since J and I made the whole last week a “Valentine’s week”, we just had a cozy evening at home on Monday. I think I totally got J into “Sex and the City“, because he volunteered to watch two episodes with me!! That was awesome :-)
First we wanted to watch 7th heaven but they turned the Valentine’s episode into some kind of musical – everybody had a singing part and it was just ridiculous, so we decided NOT to watch it :-D

Friday night I usually go to the bookclub -as you know – and we wanted to watch “The Notebook”. I was dying to see that movie (because I have heard so much about it), but then I didn’t feel like driving to Davis Friday night and decided to stay home with J! But now he has to watch “The Notebook” with me sometime ;) I made him promise *hehe*

Well, and then we have a cat since Saturday… this is “Lenard” (or “Lenny” as I call him :))

Saturday morning when Jon wanted to take the trash out, he opened the door and the cat sprinted up the stairs into our apartment. It walked around everywhere and then took a nap on our couch… J gave him (as we found out it’s a male!) the name “Lenard” :)

It was a beautiful day and we went shopping later and when we came back, Lenard was still sleeping on our couch! He just didn’t want to leave… we finally had to kick him out before we went to bed. Since he was wearing a collar, I assumed he had an owner and would go home.

But he didn’t… the next morning, when J opened the door, he was sitting on our doormat. And J let him in again… he spent the whole day at our apartment.

We went to Fairfield (which is about 45 min. from Sac) around lunchtime and finally followed through with our plan to go miniature golfing :) We had thought about doing that for quite a while and even though the weather wasn’t as nice -it was cloudy and windy- we had a lot of fun!!! Hey, and I won… which is really a rarity!! ;)

On the way back we stopped at the store to pick up some cat food – we gave Lenard some tuna on Saturyday, but we thought it would be a good idea to get some “real” food for him!

So, he stayed with us til yesterday morning and I was wondering how much longer he would stay with us… we really don’t know where he came from or to whom he belongs.
Maybe he’s one of these outdoor cats how finds himself a new home every couple of days ;)
Anyways, I came home from work yesterday and Lenny was gone. J told me he kicked him out, because he was getting headaches and he was pretty sure it was because of the cat. I was sad somehow because I kind of got attached to Lenny already :( oh well… it wasn’t our cat in the first place.

J and I went to BestBuy later to buy a vacuum cleaner (the very old one that we had broke a few weeks ago) and then we spent quite a while at “Barnes & Nobles”…. I love bookstores!!

  1. Awww, Lenny is cute! I personally don’t think he is an outdoor cat as he has that collar! I hope he found home again!
    Oh new vaccuum! Awesome! Valentine’s week sounds wonderful, too. I hope you got spoiled rotten. ;-)
    The Notebook is on my Netflix list, too. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Headache because of the cat? Usually your nose is itching if you got an allergy … well he was a cute cat. Prolly he will show up again ;-)

  3. Beautiful cat! Oh how I love these creatures, they’re so elegant. My favorite animal

  4. oh what a nice kitty cat! :-)
    you have to see *the Notebook*, although i think that the book is so much better! nevertheless you have to watch it!

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