Five Things Friday Vol. 65

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

I’m currently in the process of shifting my wake-up time back to an hour earlier (which means, I am also shifting my bedtime accordingly). I’d generally call myself a morning person (I like mornings!) but getting up is still hard for me. I recently mentioned that I was struggling with hitting the snooze button, and this week I was determined to start nipping that nasty habit in the bud.

I know plenty of people who do not feel ready to work out right after they roll out of bed, but I always feel so accomplished when my workout is done first thing in the morning. Some people in my Streakers365 group are early risers, too, so I decided to just use them as inspiration to shift my morning routine back a little bit, maybe join them for some classes, and slow down my mornings in the process. When do you get up? Do you workout before work?

*   *   *

I also had my mid-year performance review this week. Well, it’s more like a casual check-in to see how things are going type of meeting, no actual performance is reviewed or rated. But it was good to check in with my supervisor (our bi-weekly meetings had been derailed a bit lately due to fieldwork, travel, and annual leave) and to hear some positive feedback: he is very happy with my work and my independent work ethic. I also know – even though he didn’t say it explicitly – that he’s already figured out that I am a dependable person because he has asked me for a few favors here and there, probably because he knew I’d willingly say yes. While I like to be thought of as dependable, I have to be careful that I am not being taken for granted (it’s often a fine line).

*   *   *

This morning, I strolled through the aisles of Trader Joe’s and saw a young woman load up her cart with at least 20 (?) jars of the newly restocked Brazil Nut Body Butter. Now, I have heard the high praises of it before. It’s been repeatedly compared to the much pricier Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream (not that I have ever bought that and would be able to compare), and it also apparently sells out like hot cakes. So, needless to say, I snatched a jar to finally figure out what they hype is about.

*   *   *

I mentioned in my weekly Run Down that I rode my bike to the local Farmers Market last Saturday. I really want to do this more often this summer. The Farmers Market in Midtown has grown a lot post-pandemic. What used to be a small parking lot operation now spans five blocks. There are produce stands, of course, but also other food and drink stands, music, and quite a few other different vendors of plants, handmade items, and art. I like the diversity. It was fun to walk around. However, I was shocked how much the prices have gone up. You know I appreciate a good, homemade bread but loaves for $13 were a bit hard to stomach (I went home and baked my own).

*   *   *

No update on the tile saga this week. We haven’t heard anything since the landlord was here 10 days ago. Who’s suprprised? Not me.

How’s your week been?

  1. You and I are on the same page with morning workouts. On any given day I wouldn’t mind sleeping in, but it feels so good to just get up and get it done. Also the odds are good that no one wants anything from me at 6AM but at night there are more likely to be conflicts with working out.

    I haven’t been to TJ’s in forever! I’m hoping to change that this weekend.

    1. Yes, I think that is also a good argument… if you get workouts done in the morning, there’s less of a chance that plans get derailed later in the day.

  2. So I do use the Sol de Janiero sometimes and it is very nice. I have not tried the TJ version but it seems odd to pile up your cart like that!
    I get up around 7-7:30 daily and prefer to workout around 9. I need coffee and breakfast first :))

    1. I heard about the hype but I was taken aback when the woman loaded up her cart with the Body Butter at TJ’s LOL

  3. I am absolutely an early morning workout person. Most days I do yoga then cardio, and I like to get it done before getting on with my day. I just do much better that way – later in the day, I want to do other things.
    We don’t have Trader Joe’s but that body butter looks nice!

    1. Yes, I know you and I are the same when it comes to working out :) I also like to do other things later in the day.

  4. I am certainly not a morning person and struggle to feel good in the morning. I tried doing an early pilates class with Hubby and it was awful. My PT is at 8:15 am which is fine. I usually do a combination of earlyish runs, daytime runs when I’m not working and evening if I run with our running group during the week. Good on you for getting up to get it done. I must admit it does feel good to have done it in the morning.

    I’m glad your work review went well … and $13 dollars for a loaf of bread is a lot.

    I have been enjoying our week driving up the coast. Some holiday with a little bit of work thrown in.

    1. I used to be an evening runner and thought I could never switch to mornings, but as you said, it does feel really good to get it done early!

  5. I need to workout first thing in the morning to feel I’m ready to start the day. the physical work prepares my mental work of the day (not that it’s super hard, but put me in the mood to it). I don’t use an alarm, naturally wake up between 4-5am if I go to bed before 9pm.
    my week was hectic and exhausting. I’m so glad to be back to home, even jet lagged and with headache, I’m so much more at peace.

    1. You naturally wake up between 4-5 am? Wow! I think even if I woke up at that time, I wouldn’t want to get up before 7 am, unless I “made myself” LOL But I totally get that you also like to start your work with physical activity! I feel so much more alert after!

  6. I am not a morning exerciser at all. I’ve tried at various points in my life and while I do like the feeling that it’s done and I don’t have to worry about exercising for the rest of the day, I’m just so hungry when I wake up that I can’t do it. I’m just miserable and hungry and jealous of people who can do it before they eat breakfast!

    Honestly, if I found a loaf of good gluten-free bread for $13 and knew it was really safe (no risk of cross-contamination), I would pay it in a heartbeat. The various flours are so expensive that for me to make it, it would probably cost three times that. However, it’s just really hard to find good GF bread, so we basically just never have bread! That’s probably good for my waistline!

    1. I used to be an evening runner, so I can relate to people who don’t want/like to work out in the mornings! In general, I think everybody should fit in movement when they can!

      Oh, I totally get that a speciality bread (like gluten-free) can cost a lot more than regular bread and I understand why you would pay for that, but in general, I feel like bread is such a “staple food” that it shouldn’t be that expensive to buy.

  7. I hope your new early morning routine is going well! I get up with the twilight, which is around 5:00 am here now, and love working out before work.

    Congrats on your review! And yes, I hope you do not get taken advantage of. I have been that person in past teams and grown resentful. It’s so nice to be on a team now where everyone pulls their weight.

  8. Well done on the performance review! And agree 100% about being dependable-there is definitely a fine line there, especially for women. Body butter… I am intrigued, let us know if it is truly magical. Earlier wakeups: you can do it, I cherish my morning time!

  9. I am a morning person and even on weekends or days off I will usually get up early, whether to run or just to enjoy the dawn chorus or read or work on blog posts. From 4 am – 6 am is basically my most productive time of the day personally. On workdays, I start around 5 am and again, am more productive in the morning hours. After noon, I am fine, but I do find myself more motivated and productive earlier, and please do not ask me to do something complicated at 4 pm! Ha. By them I am ready to wind down.

    Also, you probably are well aware, but I am still getting like five posts from you in batches on Feedly… I even removed you and readded you as you suggested, but it is not helping!

    1. Hi fellow early riser! 4am for the win ;)

  10. You know how I feel about mornings (and how I WISH I felt about mornings). Sigh. I do generally walk with the kids to school though, so I’ve fit in 3-4 km of walking before 8:30 am, so it’s not all lost. But still, I hate mornings. So much.

    Also, to clarify, I think anything before 7:30 am is early. I don’t want to sleep in until 10 am. Not at all! But I would love to never have to get out of bed before 7:30 am, and ideally not need to leave my room until 8 am. An alarm at 7:30 and lounging until 8 sounds perfect. But, alas, life/kids do not allow for this. So I think in some ways I would be considered a morning person as I never (ever, really) sleep in beyond 8:00 am.

  11. I get up at 5:55 for work in the summer when I can wear my hair curly to work (which means letting it air dry). I get up at 5:45 during the cold months of the year on the days I need to wash it as then I have to blowdry it. So my wake-up time is oddly specific. Before I lived with Phil, I often worked out before work but I did not have to get up as early as I would have to get up now to workout becuase I could get read and leave for work much more quickly when I didn’t have kids to tend to/usher through the getting ready process! I usually workout Fri thru Mon. Since I WFH on M/F, I can run after Phil takes the kids to work. Then on Sat/Sun I have more flexibility about when I can do my workouts. I’d like to add a strength training workout to mid-week and do it at the gym at work but I need work to slow down enough to allow me to take 45 min to exercise!

  12. Yay on the performance review, but oh yes, you need to be careful that they don’t take advantage of you! It’s interesting to think about whether those who are tapped more often for “help” or “favors” are selected due to personality (i.e. willingness to say yes), position in the company/department, or some other factor, such as gender. I tend to take things on because I don’t want others to have to take on the burden… but then I end up feeling like I’m overwhelmed, which isn’t good! (And I bring it on myself, which is worse!)
    Boo on the bread prices, though. It seems to be never ending – just today, my green beans at the store went up by $1, and one of the ice creams I buy went up by $0.50. Sigh.
    Tile saga. Good grief.

  13. I think I already voiced my opinion of 13$ bread on Instagram but man this is rough… Glad you are able to make your own. I wish the tile saga had an update but than unless it is a check on the to do list its probably not a good update so lets hope for them to taken so much time they figure out a way to finally get it done.

    1. Thanks my friend, I know you can “appreciate” the frustration of home related things.

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