Five Things Friday Vol. 54

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

Hi friends, how are you doing? Any withdrawal symptoms from NaBloPoMo? Or are you mostly relieved the pressure is off? I must say that NaBloPoMo always gives me a little blogging boost, but I am also ready to ease back into a little bit of a slower pace over here. I’ll definitely be checking your blogs, just so you know.

* * *

We got rain yesterday (and will get more throughout the weekend) and yes, the saga of how thrilled we are about rain here in California never ends. If we could just get it in small, steady increments over the next couple of months, that would be ideal (fill the reservoirs, build up the Sierra snowpack, NOT cause flooding, thankyouverymuch).

* * *

I had a long, super-nice talk with a new colleague this week (when I was in the office) and it reminded me how imperative it is to get together with people in person. As much as I love working from home (don’t ever want to give this up again), I would have never had this personal interaction with him, if we hadn’t both been in the office. It’s still the only way to really build a rapport with people. I was saying how we should nudge our supervisor to encourage more social interaction within our group (as there are a lot of people who don’t really know each other yet).

* * *

Tech hack of the week: I am sure all of you – with an iPhone – know that you can AirDrop files to your computer. Old news, but super-handy, right?! But did you also know that you can AirDrop links and your computer will open them in a new browser tab? I find/bookmark a lot of links on my phone and then always have to send the link to my email, so I can open it on my laptop. This makes things so much easier. If you all knew that already, carry on and let me bathe in my new-found knowledge.

* * *

I am planning to knock a few holiday to-dos off my list this weekend. It’s all about getting organized and then executing, amirite? My Secret Santa Package is going out today (have you mailed yours? It’s ok, I’ll give you a few days of a grace period! Just want to make sure everybody gets their swap before Christmas!) and our photo cards came in the mail today (hooray!), so I can start mailing them out, too. It’s especially imperative to get the international cards on their way! I also have to work hard on the photo book that I am trying to give as a gift for Christmas and I am hoping to bake the first batch of Christmas cookies. Oh, and set up the tree. Do you think I can do it all?

What are you up to this weekend?

  1. I’m sleeping in this weekend. That’s my one big plan. It’s been a long complicated week, I’m tired, and for me all the holiday stuff starts mid-month so why not rest up now?

  2. It felt really weird not to post yesterday or today.

    What??? I did not know that I could airdrop links. I have learned something today!

  3. Yay for rain!

    I have mailed out my Secret Santa package (and it has been unwrapped and revealed to the world on Nicole’s blog) + I have received MY Secret Santa package (from Nicole) which has been revealed to the world on my blog. Haha!

    This weekend? Hmmm. My hubby just got home from a work trip yesterday, but one child is sick so things are a bit more relaxed than I expected because someone needs to stay home at all times. Tonight is the last of my participation in a 3-night Live Nativity production. It has been VERY fun, though tonight is calling for rain, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m in the angel choir, so all the mics and electronics would…not do well in a downpour. And they 7-8 fire pits which also wouldn’t work in the rain. We shall see what happens!

  4. Yes, I mailed my Secret Santa package yesterday!!! As always, I loved NaBloPoMo…. but I’m also relieved to have a little break. This weekend I HAVE TO put up the outdoor Christmas lights!

  5. I HAVE to order gifts this weekend or it will weigh on my mind until I do. I just need to set aside some time and do it. *Heavy sigh* And then I can enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

  6. I am spending the weekend nagging my husband to finalize gift buying for his family members, and I also want to get our holiday cards underway, and my mother-in-law arrives Sunday. Busy busy!

    I am definitely having blogging withdrawal — not from blogging (I can’t stop!) but from not having a bunch of posts to read every day. I miss everyone. But I do understand that daily posting isn’t really sustainable.

  7. This positive covid test really threw me a curve ball (do you say it like this?). The secret Santa package at least sits here ready to go and the second I am allowed to leave the house it’s going out – any day now. The next thing was that the stamps I ordered are delayed for whatever reason – thank you USPS), so no cards send out yet either, sigh.
    But hurray for rain! It’s always a double relief if the roof does not leak.

  8. We have definitely enjoyed the rain as well! I hate drought, and it’s been lovely lately. I mailed out my Secret Santa gift on Friday, and bought holiday stamps for my cards, so I will start on those soon. I finished my library book yesterday, and did a little blogging. Went to 2 Christmas parties on Friday, wondering now whether we will get COVID. Especially my husband’s party, there were a lot of people. It didn’t occur to me while I was there to even think about it, so maybe my brain is getting back to normal. Or lazy. I am generally VERY careful.

    I am new to understanding anything at all about airdrop, so had no idea I could drop to a computer. Does it have to be an apple computer, I wonder?

  9. Thank you for this tech hack! It was news to me. I was thinking of watching a few videos (Reels, the TikTok?) to get a few tips since it’s been awhile since I’ve sought out new tips. But instead, I will read your blog every Friday!

  10. I didn’t know you could airdrop links! I will have to see if I can do that with my work computer. I’m not very optimistic, though, as things are soooo locked down at work!

  11. I didn’t know that about the air-dropping links, although usually when I’m on my phone, my computer isn’t on. It’s now Tuesday here so I can tell you I had a couple of runs, prepared part of our garden for a small lawn and went out to dinner for my birthday and Sunday lunch for my friend’s birthday. We share the same birth date.

  12. I was very happy for the rain last week and am looking forward to more, even if it is a bit dreary. I know we need it in general and it will make for a nice ski season! Also sometimes it is nice to be “forced” to stay inside and get some things done. I actually finally finished up that pesky to do list item that has been moved from month to month because it is boring and inside.

    Regarding the social thing, I started a new job a few months ago and so few people come into the office that I am still meeting new people some days. It is kind of nice that the office is pretty quiet but sometimes I miss the hustle and the bustle for sure.

  13. Asm you can see I needed a break after NaBloPo and am only now back to reading posts. Hopefully I can sit down this weekend to write.
    The end of the year is just so full of things to do and things I want to do. It is a bit overwhelming.

    I agree that every once in a while it is nice to meet people in real life and it is a different sort of interaction.

  14. Ooh, the hack about Airdropping links is a cool one! I’m guessing it has to be on a Mac, though, wah.

    Isn’t it so different being in-person with colleagues now? I find that I really, really enjoying spending time with my colleagues in-person, but I’m also very happy to do the majority of my work from home!

  15. Awesome hack, thanks for sharing! I do appreciate the moments of in-person connection but… then I am happy to come home to my solitary abode. :)

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