March Link List

Around the Interwebs

This explains a lot. Why your pandemic fatigue is at an all-time high.

Why we use “LOL” so much. Guilty as charged. LOL

I never truly lived by myself. 6 lessons from women who shared what they learned when they lived alone for the first time.

A mediated view of the war in Ukraine.

How to help people in Ukraine.

To confront Putin’s kleptocracy, we must first cease our complicity in it. How do we solve a problem like Putin?

How to buy the most groceries for $50, according to Reddit.

Around the blogosphere

You don’t have to be likeable. I really appreciated that my friend Kate talked about this, because I am definitely a people pleaser and want to be liked by all, although I rationally know that it’s okay not be likeable to some. I don’t like everybody either.

10 principles of intuitive eating. I love this.

Ways to track and monitor stress.

It’s time to prepare your garden. I am contemplating how much effort I want to put into my container garden this year. (Spoiler alert: it’s almost April and I haven’t even started.)


Shutterbean’s current favorite pens.

How to start composting. This will be a requirement in the county where I live pretty soon.

15 best digital organizational tools. How many of those do you use?

15 Rental Friendly Decoration Ideas.

For my runner friends

Half-Marathon Pace Chart.

How to fuel for a Half Marathon. I have yet to really use a strategy, but these are some helpful tips.

The beginner’s guide to BCAAs for runners. Do you use BCAAs?


We made an adapted version of the Spicy Gnocchi with Fennel and Mushrooms and I highly recommend you try this. (Also fennel is delicious and good for you!)

One-pot sun-dried tomato pasta with whipped ricotta. Yum.

I am super-duper into split pea soup right now. We don’t cook it with ham (we add chicken sausage later), but otherwise this recipe is pretty close to how I make it, except that I use vegetable broth + water.

Sourdough Discard Banana Bread. I don’t produce much discard (anymore), but I will gladly put aside some sourdough discard to try this.

Thai Basil Fried Rice.

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  1. Loved the article about LOL! I always feel like I overuse it, but now I understand that its purpose has simply shifted!

    And I usually plant some containers each summer, but have yet to start! Whoops!

  2. I bet you will love the city composting program that is coming to Sacramento. I assume it will be similar to what we’ve had here in Minneapolis for about 5 years I think? It pre-dates Paul so must be at least 5 years old! I find it soooo satisfying to compost and am often telling Phil – YOU CAN COMPOST THAT! It’s especially useful when I have a bad cold and go through sooo many kleenexes as that is compostable. We have a bag for composting in our bathroom upstairs to make it easy to compost things like kleenex and q-tips. But 90% of what we compost goes in the bin on my counter, which I think I sent you a link to.

    I have never heard of BCAAs. I would not be surprised if my younger sister knows about them and takes them. She is a serious runner who has placed in races from longer races (10 miles for example) to 5ks. So since she’s all about maximizing her performance, I bet she takes a BCAA supplement. I’ve never even used protein powder because it just seems unnecessary for me!

  3. I follow the Eat Cheap and Healthy subreddit and I find that most of their recommendations focus more on the “cheap” than the “healthy.” If I ate mostly rice and potatoes, that would not be a very balanced diet! All that said, I wish I could keep our weekly groceries to $50. That would be amazing!

  4. I loved Kate’s post, too. I’m a chronic people-pleaser and saw so much of myself in that post!
    The TeuxDeux app (linked in the digital resources info) is really interesting… one I had not heard of! So thanks for the link that took me to the link.

    Hm. I don’t have many/any awesome links, unfortunately. I don’t follow Reddit threads, or any specific communities. Other than ESPN. ;) But you’ve probably heard about them! LOL. (I had to, you know!)

  5. I’m going to have the check out the stress post. My stress has been debilitating lately. I was trying to talk to my husband about it, but it’s so, so, so hard to articulate what is causing it and how I’m processing it. Maybe tracking would help with that.

    I have a staff member I need to send Kate’s article to – thanks for sharing!!

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