Things I wanted to do in 2021

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I guess I am doing this now, taking a look back at the things that I wanted to do in the last year, which I put on the blog for posterity. I guess it is fun to go back and revisit the things I thought about at the beginning of the year and kind of reflect how I did.


Sadly, no. Doesn’t need explanation, right?


Both Jon and I managed to not get Covid and I stayed healthy – and injury-free! – otherwise. We got vaccinated as soon as we were eligible, and then boosted as well. We’re still very cautious when it comes to getting together with people and/or travel, and we continue to wear our masks, wash our hands, and social distance as much as we possibly can for the foreseeable future.


I knew this was a bit of a lofty goal and something that wasn’t completely in my control (because as you know, life can always get in the way), but I did manage to complete my 365 Peloton streak by ‘earning a blue dot” (which marks on the calendar in the Peloton app that you’ve completed at least one, or more activities) every day in 2021.


I did really well last year with my planner (mostly because I made it a habit to record my workouts and my meal-planning in there) and I hope to continue to use my new planner in the same way. Having it on my desk where I work every day has been a great motivator to take a few minutes every day to write in it.


I didn’t really work on this at all. I guess I am picking this up again this year?


I am calling this somewhat accomplished, just for the fact that we’ve been working on our meal plan over the last year and incorporated a lot more vegetable into our dishes. I don’t know if we really cut out meat so much, as just adding a ton more vegetables to everything, but our meals have definitely become more vegetable-heavy.


I have definitely supported more local businesses when possible (not necessarily small local businesses though). I have, however, supported more small business online by ordering gifts from sites like Etsy or directly from store websites.

I have still not quit Amazon completely. We’re not heavy Amazon users to begin with, but we’ve definitely ordered less. In 2020, we averaged 4 items/month. In 2021, we cut this in half (less than 2 items/month) and really just things I couldn’t find anywhere else. Not too bad.


Nope. We’re still living without a bed frame. Guess that didn’t make the priority list.


I have thought about this a lot. Oh boy, did I. But if I am honest, I made no conscious effort to actually put some rules in place for myself to curb my social media use. I guess I wasn’t completely lying when I said at the beginning of the year that I wanted to be more mindful about it, because I definitely was more mindful, but I am not sure I changed anything intentionally. It’s hard when your phone connects you to so many people and resources in one convenient place, but can also be a source of unnecessary distraction, or worse, mental drain, if we’re not careful.


Nope. I read 21. According to Goodreads, I had more foresight and set my reading goal there at 20 books, but I think I actually meant to set it to 30. So, I didn’t quite make it and that’s okay. Reading was a bit of a rollercoaster ride in 2021 but it seemed to smooth out towards the end of it and I feel like I am on solid reading ground right now.

Well, I wasn’t all that successful at the things I wanted to do in 2021. I mean, I didn’t do terribly, 50% is alright, but I also didn’t complete all the things I wanted to do. I did, however, accomplish a few things that I didn’t put on this list, but that I am happy about. I love how Elisabeth refers to the list of these accomplishments as her “ta-da list”, because they’re definitely worth mentioning even if they didn’t make the official list.

So, here’s my 2021 TA-DA LIST:

  • Finished watching a complete TV series (Schitt’s Creek) with Jon (big deal, as we’re not avid TV watchers – except for news).
  • Went on a hike with my friend Susi.
  • Successfully completely a 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.
  • Grew one serving of lettuce in my backyard container garden.
  • Successfully completed another year of NaBloPoMo.
  • Found Italian plums and made my German Plum Streusel Cake.
  • Became somewhat of an (indoor) plant lady.

And in regard to new goals, there is always next year, which is already here. Time to come up with a list.

Did you set goals or aspirations for this year?

  1. WOW, you accomplished a lot in 2021! Loving your ta-da list, too — that’s so fun!

  2. I’m still gobsmacked that you completed 365 workouts via Pelaton. Gold stars for infinity on that one!
    Also, your cakes always look like the best ever!

    1. Haha, thanks friend. There was a little bit of luck involved for sure.

  3. I am so sorry you couldn’t see your family and friends in Germany.

    I too did a 365 day Peloton streak! It’s so satisfying!

    I feel the same about my phone. On the one hand, I am connected to people who I cannot see. But on the other hand, it can cause me to lose focus and can just be a time suck.

    1. Congrats on your 365 Peloton Streak – I totally agree, so satisfying to get the blue dots :)

  4. I think you did a great job on all the things on your list. And the ones you weren’t checking of were not in your control or just didnt make the priority list. And I am a strong believer just realizing that is somewhat a achieving a goal. So kudos.

    Looking forward seeing what you are up to in 2022. You already know about my extensive New Years resolutions.

    1. Thanks friend. We always try our best, am I right? I am looking forward to your accomplishments in 2022.

  5. Completing a 365 day Peloton streak is such an amazing feat! Way to go on completing that!

    I’m sorry that you didn’t get to travel to Germany this year, and, as always, I am keeping fingers and toes crossed you can make it happen in 2022. <3

    1. Thanks so much, friend… for the congratulations and the hope that I can see my family this year. Fingers crossed.

  6. Wow! A 365-day exercise streak is so impressive!

    I didn’t do great at decluttering in 2021, either, but I think I’m going to do some serious cutting back in the kitchen and my clothing closets in 2022! Maybe I need a quantifiable goal – like donate 50 items and throw out 50 more? Is that reasonable? Do I even own 50 items of clothing? Why don’t I know things like this?!

    1. Let’s tackle that decluttering project together :)

  7. I’m in the process of setting goals right now, but so far I’m just working on January. i would say you did great last year- you didn’t accomplish everything, but the ones you did accomplish were pretty huge- a 365 day Peloton streak??! You didn’t get injured and you didn’t get Covid. You can put anything you missed on your list for next year!

    1. Honestly, not getting Covid and staying injury-free was the most important thing for me.

  8. 365 days of Peleton is so impressive!! Way to go! And you accomplished a lot in a year and should feel so proof. I really wish I had a green thumb because I love plants and want them around me everywhere. Also I just purchased a planner and hoping to use that a bit more this year, too (thank you for the recommendation—it is similar to the one I purchased). I feel like I never fully optimize my planners but this one is compact and to the point so I’m hoping that will help.

    Here’s to a happy and healthy 2022!!

    Love this

    1. Thanks friend. I am not complaining, it was still a productive year in some regards. I am looking forward to hearing more about your new planner (and if you use it!). Happy 2022!

  9. That 365 streak is impressive! Pre-kids I would challenge myself to workout 30 times in 30 days, but I would do doubles to give myself a day off. So doing something for 365 days straight is impressive! My # of workouts is not great lately but I’ve been sick more often than I’ve been healthy since Thanksgiving.

    I didn’t set goals for 2021 since I entered the year with a newborn and I chose to not set goals for 2022 again… I do set monthly goals but no big over-arching goals in general. Maybe in a year or 2 I will feel ready to do that again? One thing I’m working on this month is the January Cure which is put on my Apartment Therapy. I’ve done it a handful of times. You get almost daily tasks to work on to get your house clean/organized for the new year. I won’t do all of the tasks, but will do quite a few. And I’ve gone above and beyond on some, like the first day they ask you to organize one drawer (they intentionally start simple). But I’ve been working on organizing every cupboard in our kitchen which is a big project! But it feels so good to get things organized.

    1. Honestly, I didn’t even know if a 365 streak was possible, because like you said… life can totally get in the way and what if you get sick? There’s nothing you can do about it. I still said I am going to try ;)

      I am very intrigued by your decluttering project. I definitely should look into something ‘guided’ like that as well. I’d very much like to get my house a bit more organized.

  10. Holy moley, San! You did a great job with your goals/want-to-do’s/whatever you want to call them. The Peloton streak. Wow. I can imagine the positive feedback the blue dot gives you is much like he positive feedback my closed Apple watch rings give me. :)

    Staying healthy in 2021 was no small feat, either. I’m glad there are others who are still taking every precaution they can. You’re not alone in that!

    I just took a load of stuff to donate at the thrift shop (and did not go in to shop for myself!) as I am also on the decluttering train this year. :)

    Can’t wait to see what you do in 2022.

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