PARTICIPATING | in a virtual Mother’s Day 5k with my Mom, my sister and my Mom’s friend. Doesn’t matter if you can be together in person or not, you can always run a virtual race #separatebuttogether. (And of course, I could count on my friend Tanja to join as well!)

STOKED | about my first IKEA visit since before the pandemic started. It was so nice to roam the aisles. I didn’t buy a whole lot, but a few (smaller) items had been on my list for a while. And of course, there are always things that you didn’t know you needed. Haha.

READING |  The nine lives of Rose Napolitano by Donna Freitas. So many thoughts, stay tuned for the review.

BUYING | more plants. I think Jon’s going to put in a veto soon. 

DRINKING | green smoothies (or is it technically eating?) for my 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse.

EATING | an adapted version of this Feta-Cucumber-Dried Tomato-Farro-Salad with chicken. You gotta try this sometime. It’s a great summer dish. Fresh, crunchy, and filling.

EXCITED | about a surprise package from Germany! :)

WATCHING | Schitt’s Creek. We’re on season 4 and loving it. It’s getting better and better.

ENJOYED | having our first visitor (Jon’s Mom!) in over 18 months. It’s been nice to hang out with someone other than each other. Scrabble is more fun with three people as well.

CELEBRATING | 15 years of marriage today. This is crazy.

STEPPING UP | my running game. I am back to a 3-runs-per-week schedule and I am so thrilled about it. I really love all the other cross-training activities (sometimes I can hardly decide which one to pick), but I really want to focus more on running again. 

(super)BUMMED | that one of my favorite (German) instructors, Irène Scholz, is leaving Peloton. 

FEELING WARY ABOUT | California’s planned full re-opening in mid-June, I have to admit. This probably warrants its own post (another ‘Blogging through he Covid19-Crisis” update, perhaps), but I don’t feel ready for full-capacity indoor dining and no social distancing or masks. I trust science, I trust the vaccine, and numbers are down, but are we really out of the woods yet?

What is currently going on with you?

  1. Happy anniversary!! What an amazing milestone. Hope you get to do something fun to celebrate!
    I just thought about doing a virtual 5k with some of my aunts and cousins…such a great idea to do it with your mom and sis!

    1. Thank you, Kristen. We’re actually planning to go out to dinner (for the second time since the pandemic started LOL)… if we can get outdoor seating. We’re both vaccinated so we feel safe to venture out for our anniversary :)

  2. Happy anni! And happy first-trip-to-Ikea-since-the-pandemic! I was a little nervous when things opened up here but within a few days it felt very normal. I mean…now that I’m permanent WFH I really don’t leave the house except to go the grocery store anyway so in that sense nothing has changed. But it is very nice to see people’s faces again!

    1. Thanks so much :) i don’t really leave the house much myself, so every opportunity (a run or visit at a store are exciting these days ;))

  3. Happy anniversary!! Excited to know what’s in the package from Germany! I’ve been following along with your smoothie cleanse on instagram. What’s the intention behind it??

    1. Thank you!
      Re: the cleanse, lots of people do it to shed a few pounds quickly (and uncouple from unhealthy habits), I mainly did it as a “gut reset”. I had on-and-off problems with heartburn and bloating recently and just wanted to give my digestive system a proper break.

    2. Thank you. There were some great German goodies in the package from my friend in Germany, plus two supercute mugs (as if I need any more LOL).

  4. Happy Anniversary! I’m looking forward to your 9 Lives review. A couple of my book club members read it so we had a mini discussion at book club this week. It was such a great book!

    Things are reopening here, but our numbers are way down and our % of vaccinated people are very good compared to other states. But in general, we aren’t changing much about what we are doing since I’m immune compromised. But it seems like the vaccinations are working really well so I feel ok about the reopening. But when you have kids who aren’t eligible for the vaccine, it just doesn’t change life much, especially since our son hates wearing a mask.

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    It took me a few episodes to get into Schitt’s Creek, but I’m glad I stuck it out. Such a great show!

  6. I’m glad you are loving Schitt’s Creek. One of my favorite shows!

    I’ve become more and more comfortable with the reopenings, especially considering I’m fully vaccinated. I’ve even gone grocery shopping maskless, which has been AMAZING. Wearing a mask with glasses was always pretty annoying, even though I was happy to do it when it was needed. Florida’s vaccinated numbers aren’t great (we’re in the bottom-half of the country with our percentage, 38%) but our average case numbers are going down, so that’s a positive!

    Oh, and happy anniversary! 15 years is such a milestone!

  7. So good to get a visitor after so many month. I totally get the feeling of “is it really ok to open up everything”. Same happens here and I am not so sure how I feel. specially with so many not being vaccinated yet…
    Oh and once more happy anniversary.

  8. Happy belated anniversary! It was our 15th this year, too. 2006 must have been a good year. ;)

    But what I really want to know is, were there pickles in the package from Germany? ;)

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