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CELEBRATING | another birthday (in early March). It was an uneventful, quiet day because I was in SoCal over the weekend to help take care of my mother-in-law, but I got to go to the beach and the universe gave me a beautiful sunset. I really appreciated Nicole’s thoughts on her birthday and aging this week and I think you should all read it (if you haven’t already).  

FRUSTRATED | with Feedly again. It worked for a while, but now it’s dragging again. I’ve been trying to get caught up on blog reading and posting, but my blog engagement has been way down because of it all and it makes me sad and furious (and I know you feel the same way). I also know my blog is not the only one affected. Like I said, I don’t think it’s actually Feedly. It’s server security services identifying legitimate RSS pollers (like Feedly) as bots (= non-human) and blocking them for no good reason. And it’s hard as the end-user to have any kind of direct influence when it comes to hosting servers and their security, but I am still working on multiple fronts trying to sort things out. 

THANKFUL | for the opportunity to work with a mentor. Mentoring and career development have always been lacking for me at my job. I had nice supervisors and worked on some pretty great projects, but in retrospect, nobody felt responsible for helping me develop my career path and I didn’t know how to ask for this kind of guidance. Better late than never?

LOOKING FORWARD TO | meeting up with my dear friend Tanja again in a few weeks when she’s coming back to California for a visit!

GIFTING | my sister her very own rainbow mug. She was so excited and loves it so much.

EATING | blueberry protein pancakes. It’s my favorite weekend post-workout fuel.

DRINKING | the best hot chocolate in the world in Italy. I am sure there’s some nostalgia involved with this but it’s still one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had.

TRAVELING | to Germany and Italy to spend time with my family. I was beyond thankful and happy that I was able to join my family on another skiing trip to the Dolomites in March. This place holds so many memories and has a special place in all our hearts. I feel so thankful that my parents introduced us and repeatedly took us there growing up and for the many memories we made as a family. Man, what a beautiful part of the world.

EXCITED | that I get to spend a little more time with my family next week.

THINKING ABOUT | a new wardrobe. Packing for my trip, I felt like there are certain key pieces missing in my closet and that I have to be more strategic about what I buy so that it’ll mix and match with what I already have. I don’t buy new clothes often but also tend to just pick up basics and athleisure wear (haha) when I do shop. What are your favorite places to shop for nice, versatile clothing these days?

WATCHING | LOL: Last One Laughing (the German version). I watched a full season on my flight back from Europe and it was quite entertaining to watch some German comedy again (which I don’t do often, but we do have some funny people in Germany! But I realized once again how language- and culture-specific comedy is). I might have LOLed (laughed out loud) a few times. 

BOUGHT | an electric food slicer and keep wondering why the heck I didn’t buy one sooner. I got it first and foremost to cut my homemade bread but it’ll also slice cheese and meats.

MISSING | running. I confess I ran exactly three times in the last, oh, 4 weeks. It’s been a nice break and as you know, I’ve done a ton of other things, but it always feels weird when I don’t run for weeks at a time. It did feel like summer last here last week though.

What have you been grateful for? Thought about? Missed?


  1. When we were watching some of the German-language TV shows on Netflix, I noticed that the German sense of humor is quite quirky and dry (even though they were not comedies, they still had some light-hearted moments). There were occasional similarities with Aussie humour at times. I noticed the same thing a bit when we were in Germany. This is all translated (or German speaking in English), so in the actual language, it would be different again. I can imagine it is like coming home to immerse yourself TV, music and other art from Germany.

    I am missing running because I have to stay off my foot, grrrr. Plus I have a cold, so for the last few days I’ve just been hanging round home, and can’t go to the gym or bike ride.

  2. What a beautiful birthday sunset.

    Also how fun to gift your sister a rainbow mug. Sometimes it’s the small things make us feel connected over distant … like drinking from an identical mug.

    Enjoy your trip home.

  3. All your posts from the last few weeks JUST came through into my Feedly. I am so sorry you’re going through this again.
    I had issues for a few days once, but then it magically seemed to correct itself. Good to know it’s not Feedly per se…but no less frustrating.
    Safe travels!

  4. sorry to hear about the Feedly issue again. I’m glad your post is showing up in my Feedly today.
    I don’t buy work clothes much since I moved to tropical country. I mainly buy athletic/running clothes. if you find out where to buy… please share.
    it’s great to have a mentor… how does it work? Is it assigned or organically formed?

  5. Welcome in my timezone, again – enjoy some more family time and please say “Hi” to everybody.
    Can’t, just CAN’T wait to see you again in the OC!
    Don’t worry about a new wardrobe and some key pieces – I’m going to help you with that :) #badinfluence

  6. I love that rainbow mug (you know how I love my mugs!) Sounds like you and Tanja have a nice visit coming up! I want to hear all about the clothes-buying shopping spree : )

  7. Your travels have looked so cool! And, I feel your struggles on clothes – I keep putting off shopping, haha! Lately, I’ve been grateful for pain-free movement because I did not have that for a long time; I’ve been thinking about decluttering and trying to do 10 min a day; and, I’ve been missing having a break or time to myself – although I’m in a busy time, I’m hoping to carve out some days/hours to grab a break here and there.

  8. Freely just spewed out about 10 posts from your site! Ugh, I was wondering what was up… But I kind of remembered that you were traveling so I figured you were holding off on posting but it’s Feedly! Grr
    I would love to visit the Dolomites! Was it busy? Lots of people or no? Also, Julien Alps in Slovenia are on my list. Can make a nice road trip out of it.

  9. Gah, Feedly issues. They must be so frustrating! Every once in a while, I have about a week where Feedly decides to take FOREVER to publish a post but it’s never as long as you’re dealing with – it’s usually the next day at the latest. It drives me crazy, though! Would moving to a different website host solve the problem? Or is there a way to change your RSS feed?

  10. Feedly is the worst! I mean, I know you’re explanation is correct about it being seen as a bot, but how hard is it to just add Feedly to a safe site list?! Ugh!

  11. The feedly issue is so frustrating!! I am so sorry you are dealing with this again!

    That rainbow mug is so cute. I love that it has a big comfy handle, too!

    I’m glad your mentor relationship is off to a great start. It is wonderful to have a mentor that you like and trust. I have had some formally and informally and they have all been so beneficial for my career.

    I’m in an Uber home from my super short trip to Napa. I am grateful that the panel I moderated went so well and I am grateful to be back home! And for the week I get off from travel next week. I am very tired of airports!!

  12. I am very curious about this electric food slicer you found, mostly because I’m looking for something that can do meats and cheeses, too. We bring home cheese from our travels, but slicing it is a whole different ballgame that I am not good at. Tom is, but I am not. lol.

  13. My husband read a book about running once, and the author said he was really surprised when he had to quit running for awhile due to surgery or injury or something, and he thought it would be tough to get back to it. When he did, though, he ran stronger than ever. His body was glad for the break. Interesting, no?

    I’m so happy that you were able to spend time with your family in Germany and Italy, what a wonderful thing. <3

  14. Family time, yay! Do you and your sister coordinate your rainbow mug days? (Did you ever have the same clothing, or other things, when you were kids? Or were you not into that?)
    Feedly issues, boo!
    Mentorship? Fantastic. I’m glad you are investing in YOU in so many ways. <3

  15. Happy VERY belated birthday, San! I am so glad you were able to travel to Germany to see your family. Isn’t travel so much more special now, after the pandemic? I find I value it so much more!

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