Currently | September

LISTENING TO | This American Life. I downloaded a few podcast episodes after catching a few minutes on NPR the other day and it’s been nice.

MAKING | a fall bucket list. I can’t wait for all the things “apple”.

HOPING | to spend a few more weekend mornings in our backyard. 

THINKING ABOUT | which race I can put on my calendar next. I need something to look forward to. It’s probably going to be a Turkey Trot.

(still) FEELING | a little frustrated with my work situation. I am still kinda low on work, which in itself is fine and not a problem, because it happens, work ebbs and flows for everybody (I assume) and I know how to keep busy, but if you have to charge every single hour to a project, but you didn’t have any project work, it becomes a bit nerve-racking. 

ENJOYING | the time we spent with some good friends this month.

EATING | a BALT. So good. The avocado on the classic BLT is everything.

DRINKING | coffee. 

READING | in bed. Way to start weekend mornings.

WEARING |  my New Balance sneakers

EXCITED ABOUT | leaving the windows open and shutting off the AC more! It’s been so damn nice around here. Warm during the day, cool at night and I am loving it.

LOOKING FORWARD TO | my cycling class on Tuesday mornings.

LOVING | the first hints of fall. I enjoyed the heat, but now I am ready for cooler temperatures, the occasional rainy day and scarves and sweaters. We had a couple of rain showers already in September (which is kinda early for where we live), but they were so nice! 

KEEPING | a secret, will fill you in soon. 

What’s going on with you currently?

  1. Oooh, I’m intrigued by your secret! I hope you’ll be able to tell us all what it is soon!

    We’re kinda starting to see some cooler temps here in Florida. And by cooling, I mean mid-70s in the mornings, haha. But I’m crossing my fingers it sticks around!

  2. BALTs are the best, but I pretty much like everything better with some avocado thrown in! I hope your work situation gets better soon. Looking forward to seeing your fall bucket list!

  3. Way to hook us with the secret! :)

    Love all things apple too! I feel like I have permission now that is officially fall to enjoy these!

  4. Keeping a secret here too. And it is so hard….lol. Only 3 more weeks and I can let our secret out of the bag.

  5. Secret?? I can’t wait to hear more!

    I am with you on wanting the windows open and the AC off. I am starting to feel so cooped up! And yes to all the apple things please!

  6. Oooh are you good at keeping secrets? Because I am not lol. Can’t wait to hear what it is!!

    Love sleeping with the windows open. It’s still been so muggy here, nearly 90 today, and I really need fall weather so I can do all the things like pumpkin and apple picking and eating cider donuts and fall festivals 🍁

    Also I totally wanna try a BALT but with veggie bacon—that’s a thing right?! Sounds like a delicious combo!!

  7. Yesterday was a nice first day of Fall, but it’s supposed to get hotter and hotter as the week goes on. Sigh. I’m ready for Fall weather to stay. Reading in bed, and having the windows open, are both lovely things. So curious about this secret!!


  8. Oooh, a secret! I’m intrigued, too!

    It’s turned fall-like here as well. We had a really warm, humid month. We ran our a/c more in Sept than we did in August which is very odd. I like warm, sunny weather but HATE humidity. I was so glad when drier air moved in on Sunday. It’s been wonderful to sleep with the windows open and need a blanket for a change!

    My mind is currently spinning with all things house-related. We should have a closing date locked in soon so then I can start to make some concrete plans!

  9. Uuuuuh, du machst es spannend… :-)

    Ich hoffe, das mit der wenigen Arbeit geht schnell vorbei.

    Das beste am Herbst sind die gefallenen Blätter, die so schön knistern unter den Füssen. Aber auch die kühleren Temperaturen sind toll.

  10. I’m intrigued about the last one! Hope you’ll tell us more when you are ready.
    With the weather warming up our side I’m looking forward to time in our garden. Cannot wait to plant new flowers and spend time outdoors.
    Reading in bed on weekends is a great start to the day.
    Sorry work has been frustrating for you, hope things get better soon.

  11. Yeah for reading in bed. Also fall weather is nice and I am looking forward reading your fall list if you happen to share it with us.

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