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so excited to pick up my parents at the airport this week. I haven’t seen them in 6 months and I can’t wait to hug them. They’re coming to visit for 2,5 weeks and I am so excited to spend some quality time with them. (I might be a little bit MIA the next couple of weeks, but I have scheduled a couple of blog posts in advance, so that you don’t completely forget that I am here. Ha!)

appreciating the fact that I get to take some time off from work to spend as much time with my parents as possible.

hoping for time to go really, really slowly the next two weeks.

watching This is Life with Lisa Ling. The new (3rd!) season started yesterday on CNN! Highly recommend.

reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Holy moly… the book is so intense. I haven’t seen the movie (yet), so no spoilers. If you have read the book AND seen the movie, which one did you like better?

loving my new ‘I RUN THIS BODY”-t-shirt!!

drinking the first few cups of hot tea. Fall has only made a brief appearance so far, but it was enough to make me want to drink a hot beverage (besides coffee).

eating German apple pancakes for dinner last weekend. I don’t make them very often, but I had a craving.

scratching my head over the shitstorm that was the presidential debate on Monday night. I mean, seriously, America. What is this!!??

enjoying (to my own surprise!) the early morning workouts at the gym. I never thought I’d be able to squeeze in a workout before work, but HERE I am doing it.

thinking that Instagram should really go back to the chronological feed, because it’s super-annoying a) not to know if you’ve scrolled back far enough to not miss anything and b) seeing posts pop up a day or two late (and them therefore being out of context). At least, give us the option to choose, Instagram. Who’s with me?

  1. So happy for you – please say “Hi” to your parents and enjoy your time!
    Lisa Ling – I just love her show!
    Huh? Enjoying Morning workouts? Who are you – lol :) But the shirt is cute :)

    1. Thank you, I will tell my parents you said hi :)

      I KNOW! Who am I getting up early and working out before work?? :)

  2. That is so exciting that your parents arrive soon. It will be great to spend 2+ weeks with them! I can’t wait to see what all you guys do together.

    I didn’t even know that IG changed their posts from not being chronological. Hmmm… I guess I am really out of the loop these days!

    Good for you for doing early morning workouts. I used to do that when I had a gym in my condo building but now it’s just not feasible because of where my gym is and needing to take public transportation to work. But I’m still managing to get 3-4 workouts in each week. I’d prefer 5 workouts but I’ll take what I can get!

    1. IG’s feed change is awful… I wish they would stop making stupid changes.

      I understand why morning workouts won’t work for you. I have to get up really early to make it work, but so far I don’t mind.

  3. Enjoy the time with your parents!!! And I am totally with you on the Instagram thing – I miss my chronological feed!

    1. Thank you :) And yeah, we should start an IG petition to bring back the chronological feed.

  4. Ugh, I feel the same way about the Instagram changes; so obnoxious. And re: Gone Girl, I liked the book a lot but wasn’t a fan of the movie. I think Gillian Flynn is a master of getting inside character’s heads & that that sort of character insight can only come from written word, that even the best acting can’t hold a candle to it. I’d be curious to hear what you think! And have SO MUCH FUN with your parents. :)

    1. I am not a fan of Ben Affleck, so I am already a little weary when it comes to the movie… but I will probably watch it just to compare to the book. The book was good, although the ending was a bit flat.

  5. Have a wonderful time with your parents! Do you have any travel plans? I enjoyed not having to come up with elaborate activities when my family visited a few weeks ago. I guess that’s what a baby is there for–entertainment! ;)

    1. We don’t have big travel plans this time, we just want to hang out and make some day trips :) My parents have seen so much of California by now that we can kinda relax about our agenda (although there is always more to see, right? ;))

  6. Read the book and saw the movie! Loved both! Reading… launched book across room. Watching… yelled at tv. Good stuff. Haha! Husband loved the movie. :)

    1. The book was good. It kept me engaged… but I also launched it across the room :)

  7. We read Gone Girl for book club. I got it from the library and read two pages and then peaced out. I was the only one who couldn’t get into it. I don’t know why? Are you liking it so far? Maybe I need to try again.

    1. I agree, the start was a little slow but once you get into the story, there are so many twist and turns… I was also cursing a lot LOL

  8. Gone Girl! I loved it! And I actually really liked the movie. I think this is the only movie in a long long time I’ve felt Ben Affleck was a perfect fit for – the aloof, uncomfortable character fit so very well with him. My then-boyfriend sat in the movie theater after it was over and went… WTF?!? Whereas I absolutely loved the ending, both in movie and book!

  9. Yay parents! And YES, INSTAGRAM!!

    I read “Gone Girl” and…I just really didn’t like it. Not my jam. Crazy, for sure, but not my kind of crazy.


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