January Link Love

januaryLinkLoveMy sweet friend Kat has (yet again!) started a new blog, but this time she’s writing about making her dream come true and moving to Stockholm this year! I am so excited to see someone taking their lives into their own hands!

I’ll be attempting to knit my first cardigan. Isn’t it cute?

When I read Marie’s post about feeling sleep deprived, I was wondering if this what being an adult feels like.

After just recently having opened my Etsy shop with a friend, we might have to take these tips to heart:  Ten things I learned after 500 sales on Etsy.

Melyssa wrote a great post about 5 ways to keep your blog life organized.

I can relate so much to Marian’s thoughts on how sometimes she hates the Internet and what she’s doing about it.

My friend Chrissy shared this post about some things every knitter should know and I thought it was really worthwhile!

In the blogosphere, where you connect with people, but also start comparing yourself to others, it’s hard to stay true to who you are. Kate wrote about it and I can relate.

How to get and stay organized.

Andi always has some good tips and this time she shared Things do to in San Francisco in the winter.

  1. Thanks so much San, honored to be included! I always love you Link Love posts! (P.S. it is Andi with an “i” but no worries it happens all the time!) Happy New Year – Glückliches Neues Jahr !

    1. Oh goodness! I know that it’s Andi with an “i” … fixed it ;)

  2. Oh my gosh we need to move to Stockholm too! I love those Swedes. :)

    And get some sleep this weekend lady! (Plus you’ll have that WONDERFUL item to make your coffee in now!)

  3. I attempted a cardigan once but lost interest halfway through! I cannot wait to see YOUR final product though. Please keep us updated on your progress on instagram!!!

  4. Thanks for the links San, there are few interesting ones. I will look deeper into the organization stuff.
    But for now: happy weekend, I’ll go get a cuppa tea,
    Cheers, Tobia

  5. Danke für deine Links. Ich habe dadurch gerade einen sehr interessanten Text gelesen!:)

  6. Thanks for the mention and for spreading the word.
    Love that cardi and cannot wait to see it! And I can totally relate to Marie, I am tired all the time! These are some great links! Love these posts!
    Hope all is wel! Happy Sunday, friend xxx

  7. Cute cardigan! :) Good luck with it. I’ve tried crocheting, knitting, and I just can’t seem to keep a straight line. LOL

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