2: Thinking Out Loud #10

Another Thursday, time again to link up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking out Loud and let you all know what’s been going around in my head.

+ Two weeks ago, when we drove to Apple Hill, we almost-witnessed (as in, saw that something happened, but didn’t see it happening) a horrible accident on the freeway. We saw a line of cars and onlookers on the opposite site of the freeway staring down an embankment and it got me all worried about what was down there.
On our way back, the site was cleared but we saw a tow truck load a burned-out Toyota onto their truck. I was horrified and said to J “Damn, that doesn’t look good. I hope the person driving this car survived”. On Friday, I learned that the driver of the car was the 25-year old son of a professor here on our campus and it gave me chills. Sadly, he did not survive. What a tragedy. I can’t stop thinking about it.

+ I am stoked, because I won another giveaway on Instagram last week. I’ve been rather luckily lately. I enter maybe a handful of giveaways each week (so, not a ton!), but have been luckily to win a few really cool running items. This giveaway was for a pair of Brooks Launch 4 via Trisha’s IG account and this is really great timing as I was in the market for some new running shoes! I have run in (two) different Brooks shoes before and love the brand, so I am stoked to be trying the Launch 4s.

+ WordPress has been the weirdest lately. A few months ago, it stopped sending me “comment notifications” (or if it did, just the random one here and there) and I can’t figure out why. There is also one person (who has repeatedly commented and has been approved repeatedly)  whose comments keep ending up in my “pending approval” folder. I am not sure how to fix this. Does anyone else have that problem?

+ The fall weather around here is gorgeous right now. I know that rain is coming, but right now, I am just enjoying the heck out of cooler temperatures and sunshine!

+ Halloween was fun. We made a yummy vegetarian burrito bowl for dinner (I’ll share the recipe in a later post, it was so good!) and watched the World Series (game 6) on Tuesday night. We also had some trick-or-treaters and J loved giving out the candy. We then finished up the evening with “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas”.
If I get around to watching that movie and “Hocus Pocus” each year, my Halloween mission is accomplished. (It’s basically as much scary as I can handle, is what I am saying.)

+ Well, that was anticlimactic, wasn’t it? The Houston Astros beat the LA Dodgers in the World Series last night. They deserved it, too, but after this very exciting series going to game 7, last night’s game was kinda meh. I really should be okay with either team winning, especially when the Red Sox didn’t make it to the World Series. I honestly haven’t seen two teams as equally matched as these two in a while, but my alliances lie with the Dodgers, the Californian team, and oh well, they didn’t make it. So, congrats, Astros. You played a great game!

What’s on your mind today?

  1. I was happy that the Astros won. I do not follow or care about baseball at all but Houston had such summer/fall with the awful hurricane devastation so I was happy to see that the town had something to celebrate!

    On my mind today is how ready I am for the weekend! We don’t have too much planned either. Just dinner with another couple and their 2 kids tomorrow night and cards with another couple on Saturday night. I’m also buying a bassinet for the baby from a facebook buy/sell group. it’s the first ‘bigger’ purchase we’ll be making and was something I really wanted to get second hand as they are kind of pricey ($200 on amazon, I’m getting the bassinet + 3 sets of sheets for $125).

    1. Yes, that’s true… it’s nice that the Astros won after all the heartache Houston went through earlier this year.

      Sounds like you have a nice weekend ahead, although I wouldn’t call two evening commitments “not much going on” . :) Have fun!

  2. Hey San,
    I totally get your feelings about the accident. Those things give me the creeps too and the com back sneaking into my thoughts at the weirdest times. So sad to hear he didn’t survive.

    As for WordPress I don’t have those issues, but then I turned off all notifications.

    Happy day, see you tomorrow

    1. I hate seeing accidents on the freeway, but they affect me even more when I “know” something about the person that was involved. Sigh.

  3. Ugh, that is so sad about the accident.

    I have the same problem with a regular commenter whose comments I ALWAYS have to approve. It’s been happening for a while now and I have no idea how to fix it. It only happens for her, too! So weird.

    What’s on my mind today: ASHEVILLE. I leave tomorrow morning and I cannot wait. Thankfully I only have a half-day at work to get through. I’m too excited to sit here for a full day!

    1. Yes, that is exactly what happens with one of my regular commenters… and only with her! … it’s so weird. Have so much fun in Asheville!! :)

  4. I love burrito bowls! It’s such an easy dinner and my girls love them as well. I’ve been having trouble with my comments as you know. But now I switched to a new theme, I think it’s working ok now. Halloween is not my favorite party, it just can’t replace Karneval. Of course I like the dressing up part, but I’m always glad once it’s over and now I’m getting ready for Christmas!! Yes, I’m kind of skipping Thanksgiving, since we’ll be traveling for this time. I’m really looking forward to Christmas in Germany and I can’t wait for the Glühwein at the Weihnachtsmarkt!!

    1. Oh, you’re going to Germany for Christmas? I am so jealous!!!

      For me the WP notification problems started out of the blue, so I don’t really know how to fix them… I am hoping it’s a bug and will be fixed in a future update.

  5. WordPress is always weird for not approving that one comment…I usually check the spam folder once a week for that reason.
    I am awful at winning giveaways = that is super cool that you won on instagram! My sister won one too for her dogs of all things!
    A vegetarian burrito bowl sounds so damn good – especially on a cold halloween day like we had. we actually had snow flurries!

    1. I have to check my spam folder too, but it’s so weird how it went from acting normal to “not normal” within a day. Must have been one of the updates, I gather.

  6. My heart hurts whenever I see a bad accident like that. A few months ago, a woman had flipped her car on a road I drive fairly regularly. It happened right before I passed by and there was only one other car running up to help her, so I pulled over and ran over too and talked to her until the paramedics arrived. She was, thankfully, ok, just a little banged up, but my adrenaline was all sorts of crazy because running up to the car, I didn’t know what I would find inside. Very, very scary.

    1. OMG. That is so scary… but good for you for stopping and helping out. I am so glad the lady was ok!

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