Daily Life | 16 iPhone apps that I use (almost) every day

1) Instagram – I love Instagram with a passion. It’s without a doubt my favorite social media platform. I have two accounts – a private one (@san_in_ca) and a public one for my blog (@theinbetweenismine.blog). Do you follow me? Or, more importantly, do I follow you?

2) Pocket The Pocket app is such a life saver (it works as a browser add-on, too!). It’s the place where I can save all my recipes, blog posts, ideas and shopping websites on the go and easily find everything later. Thanks again for recommending this web service, Dominique.

3) Mailbox Outlook Mail I used to love the Mailbox app, but it got discontinued a couple of days ago, so I had to look for a replacement. My current favorite is the Outlook Mail app (who would have thought?). It has a neat design, separates ímportant email (focused) from everything else (other) and is generally pleasing to the eye and easy to use. I like.

4) Hootsuite – I prefer Hootsuite over the official Twitter app. Well, at least that was the case when they had my own tweets and @replies color-coded (which they’ve gone back and forth about between recent updates – note to Hootsuite: please bring it back!). I do like the way you can “quote” other tweets, but I am currently checking out the regular Twitter app again. Which app do you use?

5) Runtastic Pro  – I am paying for this app, because I wanted to be able to take advantage of all the training plans they offer (otherwise you pay for each plan individually). This has really helped me get back into regular exercise and even run a race!

6) Whatsapp – This app – who doesn’t know it? – has been such a game changer when it comes to messaging with people overseas (and I do that alot!). 

7) Facebook – I don’t spend a ton of time on Facebook, but of course, I am checking in regularly.

8) Fitbit I’ve been using the Fitbit app longer than I had a Fitbit and it’s a perfect tool to hold me accountable in regards to getting my steps in and tracking food and water intake. I don’t do this religiously, but it helps to keep an eye on what I am doing.

9) YNAB I’ve been using the budgeting software YNAB for almost a year now and I love it. The app simply integrates with the software and makes it really easy to track spending on the go.

10) Dashlane – If I ever lose my master password for this app (which I don’t think will happen, but…), I am screwed. This app holds ALL my passwords. I wish not every side demanded slightly different rules for password creations (some allow special characters, some don’t, some want capitalized letters and numbers, some don’t…), but this is the best way to keep track of all the passwords that you need in this digital age.

11) Evernote – I love this app: for jotting down some notes, for saving knitting patterns and recipes, for saving a quick picture to go along with a note. It’s perfect and so easy to use.

12. Podcasts – I’ve only recently gotten (somewhat) into Podcasts, but it’s nice to have them at your fingertips.

12) Feedly – I don’t do a ton of blog reading on my phone, but the Feedly app definitely is a nice extension to the desktop version and it comes in handy when I am on the go and I quickly want to check in with new blog posts.

4) NextDoor – I’ve only discovered this platform + app after we moved when we received an invitation to join NextDoor from our new neighborhood. It’s a little bit like Facebook, just for your neighborhood with tons of local news, heads-up and neighborly communication. I kinda like it.

15) MLB at Bat This is a must-have during baseball season. Just  sayin’.

16) WordPress – I don’t really blog from my phone, but I love the option if I really can’t get to a computer and want to jot down some draft ideas. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s also nice to have the app to quickly correct typos (ahem!) or respond to comments.

* * * 

Of course, there are a few more that I use (almost) daily (the Weather app,  Frametastic for mosaicking pictures, Phonto (for adding text to pictures), my Calendar app for reminders)  but the ones up there are my essentials.

Are there any that you use on a daily basis and would like to recommend?

  1. I am notorious for using very very few apps…like, maybe 6? I think I use the Google suite the most, and some social ones (but I deleted the Facebook app because it was driving me nuts). I have two work-related apps I use constantly for communication and access. I have a couple of the ones you listed ON my phone, I just haven’t used them yet…hrm…that…I should maybe fix that.


  2. The ones I use most frequently are Outlook, Messenger (FB), Instagram, Facebook, YNAB and Mint, Spotify, Waze (for navigation). I like Wunderground for weather.

  3. I use Overcast instead of the Podcast app. I love it & find the interface to be a lot more user-friendly. I’m finally into podcasts now!

    I use the plain old Twitter app for tweeting. Other app that see a lot of use are Instagram, Snapchat, FitBit, Facebook, Lyft (I prefer it to Uber), Swarm, Kindle, Ambiance (white noise app), Blogger, Chase, & Goodreads. I guess I don’t use many practical apps – mostly social media!

  4. I use a lot of the same ones as you do. Some others you didn’t mention are the heart ap which tracks my steps (obv not something you’d use since you have a fitbit) and My Fitness Pal for tracking what I eat/workouts. The ones i use the most are the mail ap, whatsapp, facebook, and instagram! Oh and the podcast ap!

  5. Hmm… some of the top apps I use are yours as well: Podcasts, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I also use Spotify, The Weather Channel, and Google Maps a lot, too!

  6. I think the only one I use that you haven’t mentioned is Remember The Milk which is a list making app – I keep my to-do lists and project tasks on there. I also use MyFitnessPal on a daily basis at the moment as I’m using it to help me count calories to lose weight.

  7. I don’t use a lot of apps – the kids have more apps on my phone than I do! They like the Bible app by Youversion and there’s another one called Playrific that gets a lot of use. It has puzzles and games and links to kid-friendly Youtube videos. I use Instagram, Twitter and Outlook and that’s about it!

  8. I don’t use a ton of apps religiously on my phone because I prefer to do blog-related things on the laptop, but I love this list, and I’ve found myself nodding along with a lot of your apps and points. That said, there are some I feel like I need to try ASAP! Thanks for sharing this list!

  9. Hey San,

    I use some of the ones you mentioned. I use ShopShop daily. It’s my shopping list but hubby has it on his phone to and it syncs in real time so very helpful when one is shopping and the other discovers something missing. And I just realized I didn’t follow your blog on Instagram. that’s now fixed.
    Happy Thursday, Tobia

  10. You are one organized person. I’ll say it again, I’m your total opposite. Except when it comes to coffee of course. ;)

    I love Instagram and have several photo apps on my phone, but VSCO is the one I use religiously. Other than that I use my calendar and alarm apps a lot to remind me of basically anything and everything. Without them I would totally be lost. I also use Twitter and/or Hootsuite, WhatsApp (what would we do without it???), Spotify for music, Podcasts, Weather, Transit (ugh metro), and I think that’s mainly it. I have other apps on my phone, but rarely ever check them. These are my main ones.

    It’s funny you should mention the password app. I considered doing something similar, but knowing myself I’d like forget the password to that app, lose my phone, or break my phone and all would be lost. So what have I done you maybe wondering (or not)? I went old school and wrote them down in a small notebook. What can I say? Sometimes old school works best for people like me!

  11. I recently started using the Nextdoor app and it’s come in handy for sure when it comes to crime-related stuff in our neighborhood.

    An app I just downloaded is Stand Up. It reminds me to stand up and walk around every hour while I’m at work. So helpful!

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