September Link Love

SeptemberLinkLove I admire Akirah for writing openly about marriage being not what she thought it would be. I think we can learn from being honest.

My friend Ashley also writes very honestly about her struggles as a new mom of two. If you’re a mom (and even if you aren’t), you need to read this!

Ahm, homemade skinny garlic parmesan fries right from your oven? Yes please!

My friend Caiti talks about priorities + things she doesn’t care about and I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to what you really want.

This blog post seems all too familiar to me. Elly’s writing about what it feels like to leave home.

My blog friend Kate also knows a thing or two about feeling homesick.

This article was posted in the German magazine “Stern” and therefore is, have a guess, in German. But it is too good not to share (even if only for my German-speaking friends!). About the hot topic of saying ‘no’:  Bleiben lassen.

I loved Kerri’s thoughts on home, and since I also rent and do not own a house, I try to keep in mind that it’s ok and that it can feel just as much as a home as a house does.

Shannon talks about how it’s not your responsibility to save anyone. I agree with the message of this post: actions > words!

The IKEA paper shop has arrived in the US. This might be dangerous!

You can’t catch cancer… but you can make small changes. Lesley definitely has a point here. What are you doing to live healthier?

Looking for some fabulous desktop backgrounds? Try these.

  1. Whoa, that Ikea paper shop IS dangerous. Clicked over and I was tempted to buy already :)

    I definitely treated being in a rental differently from being in a house, but I think it was more due to being younger rather than not wanting to make it “home.” In SF and other big cities, it sometimes makes financial sense to rent, rather than buy.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, lady :)

  3. Thanks for including me! There are some good links here. I’ve been waiting for the Ikea paper shop to launch here, and it will be very dangerous :)

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