January Link Love


I am guilty of using the snooze button, but here is how the snooze button effects your sleep.

Fear Choice vs. Love Choice, which will you choose? This is so simple and true, but I sometimes need to be braver.

10 eating rules most French children know (but most Americans don’t). I dont think this is just true for the French, but yeah.

I really enjoyed Dom’s openness and honesty about how she got out of debt. Debt free: a retrospective.

7 things you didn’t know you could buy at Trader Joe’s. I swear by those reusable kitchen cloths!

I love when bloggers are honest, open and when they make themselves vulnerable. Like my friend Brittney did with this post: Me at the moment… the very honest edition.

I really want to start journaling more and Grossstadtprinzessin has shared her journaling routine. It’s pretty neat.

Caiti has started a series on her blog that I am really interested in, because I’ve been thinking about this myself lately: Going Natural: Why bother?

14 printable 2014 calendars. You know, for the planners among us.

Not enough? Here are some more Free 2014 printable calendars.

I am a little bit obsessed with oatmeal (I am using this as a general term, a separate blog post to come) and here’s a little inspiration: 4 ideas for overnight oatmeal.

Restaurant Style Salsa anyone?

Alexandra shared her  favorite {free} tools of the year for writing, creativity, self-expression + whatnot. Useful.

This just looks insanely yummy. The blog is in German, but I translate the recipe for you, if you’re interested. Die weltbesten Buchteln.

  1. I just downloaded that journal app – so neat! I cannot wait to get started on this even if it’s just a brief glimpse of my life that I am catching every day or every couple days. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It seems everybody’s obsessed with that journaling app now – thanks for sharing my post and spreading the word! :)
    xoxo, Großstadtprinzessin

  3. Really nice links! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I always enjoy skimming what articles/posts catch your attention. Though, I will say, I found the post about what French kids know about eating that most Americans don’t know to be somewhat offensive, mostly because I think people of many nationalities follow the same guidelines but without bragging that they know best.

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