Friday Link Love

“Pro-Life” Is A Lie, Here Are 10 More Accurate Descriptions They Won’t Like by Matthew Desmond (via Addicting Info). It’s what I’ve been saying!

25 things every woman needs to know by Hannah (Hannah Brencher). Love this! Go read.

Friendships worth fighting for by Ashlee (Where my heart resides).  So true.

To dream by Marie (Marie’s Café). Something to ponder.

It’s for the conversation by Katherine (Purekatherine). I agree with this so much.

7 ways to spring clean your blog by Sarah (Sarah von Bargen). Great blog tips!

How to achieve Inbox Zero every single day by Ashley (After nine to five). I like this approach (even though I don’t need to get my inbox to zero).

Is travel a right or a privilege? by Lesley (Barefoot on 45th). This is an interesting question. What’s your take?

Celebrating kindness by Caiti (Seashells and Colored Stones). This. So much.

Not My Life: Why I Got a Little Burned on Blogging by Brittney (Casa di Moo). I can relate to this.

30 minute weekly meal planning routine & simple, free recipe management system by Kyla (Kyla Roma). Love Kyla’s meal planning system!


Are there any blog posts that you’d like to recommend to me this week?

Happy Friday, peeps!

  1. Thanks for including me in this great list, San! xo

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