Happy 2nd of advent


I can’t believe in two weeks is Christmas! This holiday season is flying by!

I lit our the second candle on our advent tray yesterday (yeah, I know it’s not anything close to an advent wreath by a long shot, but better than nothing!). Don’t you love my arrangement of the Willow tree figurines that are standing by? :)

Germany had (a lot!) of snow this last week and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I really want a white Christmas! My only worry is that the snow might interfere with our travel plans, but at least we have a direct flight from LAX to DUS and we won’t be having a stop-over in London this time. Hopefully the weather will be agreeable next Sunday/Monday!

We spent the whole weekend preparing for out trip (we’re leaving in less than a week!), running errands, deep-cleaning our whole apartment (so that we won’t be coming back to a filthy place!), working on my Christmas cards and preparing packages that need to be sent out. I also had some time to knit, drink tea and watch some Christmas movies (e.g. ‘You’ve got mail’. Love it!).
I really, really love the holiday season. I wish it would last a little longer than it usually does.


Other good things this weekend:

Vanilla tea ♥ Christmas shopping ♥ crocheting ♥ reading ♥ decluttering ♥ watching movies ♥ sunshine ♥ mint chocolate thins  ♥ candles ♥ warm socks ♥ blankets ♥ holiday cards from dear friends ♥

What did you do this weekend?
  1. We don’t have a wreath this year either, I, too, arranged candles on a tray! Love those Willow tree figurines, we have some as well.
    I can imagine how thrilled you must be to come home soon! How long will you stay?
    Hugs xxx

  2. Not sure what Advent is, but it reminds me of Neopets (Advent Calendar with gifts every day). Keeping my fingers crossed that you have a white Christmas! <3

  3. I love your advent candles … a lot healthier than our advent calendars (yes, plural, thanks to gifts for Gavin!) filled with chocolates! =)

    I thought of you this weekend as we had plans to go to our local Christkindlmarket … but, we were rained out. Here’s hoping we’ll be able to go next weekend!

  4. Amen on the not wanting to come home to a filthy place! I hope you have an amazing Christmas trip. <3

  5. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I thought of you this morning as I know you are leaving on the 15th and it is just around the corner! :)

    I had a really nice weekend as well. I went to a party with Phil, wrapped Christmas gifts, and went to my best friend’s son’s 2nd birthday party. And I ordered my Christmas cards, so unfortunately yours will probably arrive while you are gone! I guess it will stretch out the holiday season for you a bit. ;)

  6. Have a fantastic holiday with your family. And enjoy the snow. :)

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