The weekend + the World Series


How was your weekend, friends?
I got a lot of errands and cleaning done this weekend, I baked, I did laundry, we completely cleaned the apartment from floor to ceiling. It’s a nice feeling of accomplishment.

And of course, we watched the World Series over the last few days.

I don’t know about you, but when I dedicate my heart to a sports team, there is usually a runner-up that I cheer for when my favorite team doesn’t make the cut (in whatever competition). This year, my beloved (Boston) Red Sox just sucked (no other way to put it) and didn’t even make the play-offs. It’s always kinda hard when you witness your team go through a  transition, losing (aka trading) important players, firing coaches and changing the dynamic of a team. We’ve been through that before with the Sacramento Kings (NBA) which J and I  used to watch religiously a few years ago. These days, not so much.

But back to Baseball.

Naturally, after the Red Sox where out, J and I shifted our attention to the (SF) Giants. And what a team they have become in the last couple of years!

J, a Red Sox Fan since childhood, who played baseball for many years himself is thrilled about my love for the sport. He didn’t really believe it when I said that not only did I love baseball, but I myself played softball on a team in Germany for about 9 years before coming to the US (catcher and 3rd base). I mean, what were the odds, right? I love the sport with all my heart and I wish it was got more recognition in the world. I think it’s slowly changing, but it’s still got ways to go.

Sunday night, the SF Giants won the World Series in a landslide 4-0 victory over the Detroit Tigers and I couldn’t be happier. I am sad that there won’t be any more baseball for a while, but who knows, maybe I’ll get into watching the Kings play basketball again this winter. After all, they’re going to stay in Sacramento for another season.

Do watch any sports? What’s your favorite team?

  1. I’ve never been a huge fan of baseball, though my parents are really into it. My dad loves the Yankees and my mom’s a die hard Red Sox fan – our dog when I was little was actually named Boston :) Living in Edmonton, of course I follow the Oilers (even though we suck …) – but my favourite sports to watch are horsey ones.

  2. I grew up watching baseball and have been a St. Louis Cardinals fan my entire life. Living in Boston and Chicago has not wavered my loyalty to my hometown team. (BTW, when the Giants knocked out the Cards, I genuinely hoped the Giants would win it all – congrats!). The only other team I cheer for is the North Carolina Tar Heels (also raised cheering for that team and it helps that I went to college there, too).

    Now that I have lived in Chicago longer than I have lived in any other city, I also cheer for the White Sox (thank goodness they’re not in the same league as the Cardinals!). And thanks to my husband, I know a thing or two about English Premier League futbol and have been known to cheer for Arsenal with him. =)

  3. Not a baseball fan (I’ve tried… just can’t get into the sport) but happy for the Giants win! I am the biggest football fan. Just love, love, love everything about football. :) It’s not for everyone, but I couldn’t imagine my life without it!

  4. I do not watch sports in general… it’s just not my thing! I do love the Olympics, but that is really about it. baseball is probably my least favorite sport!!!

  5. I have always been a Giants fan, but I prefer going to the games rather than watching them on TV. Of course, I watched the Playoff and WS Games though! I also played catcher and third base!!

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