2012 in pictures: week 28

2012 in pictures: week 28

New England // teal // tomato //
hooks // caprese salad // my niece and nephew //
book // sacramento // gouda //

  1. Yum, that caprese salad looks divine! Also, I am guessing that tomato was was one you grew? I ate 2 off my plant on Thursday after I picked my plants up from a friend who was plant sitting!

  2. That salad looks so good. I was drooling over it when you posted it the other day. I think I’m going to have make one SOON!

  3. I have those sandals! They are my favorite color, too. :)

  4. Mmh, gouda, so good. And how cute is that tomato from your veggie garden! I love caprese salad, yummy. xxx

  5. Caprese salad is my favorite, but only during the height of summer when the tomatoes have that fabulous flavor and you can still taste the vine. SO GOOD.

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