12 changes: May goal


Another month, another goal (and I am again a little late with my update). For May, I decided that I am going to dedicate some extra time to decluttering my home. I know this is a pretty vague, almost non-measurable goal that doesn’t ask for altering my every day, but it’s something that needs to get done and if I don’t dedicate some time to it, I don’t see that happen in the near future.
As I am still trying to maintain the changes from the last four months, I have plenty of daily/weekly routine stuff to keep up with, so the decluttering seems just like a really good idea for the next few weeks. Besides, right about now I have tons of papers to file and I desperately need to go through and organize my closet/dresser. When freshly laundered clothes end up on top of the dresser instead of in the dresser, you know there is a problem.

Also, this table up there in the picture? The table that looks like some sort of filing piling system (ha, get it?)? It sits in plain sight in our dining room and besides the fact that it’s not really pretty to look at, this was supposed to be my crafting table at one point, but as you can see, there really is no space to do anything at all on this table. It ended up collecting all our bills, letters, magazines and other odds and ends for which I desperately need to find some sort of organizational system, so I can actually make use of that table.

I am not really sure what else I am expecting by the end of the month other than a cleaned out closet and a crafting table that I can actually use for crafting, but that sounds like a good-enough goal for me.

What goal have you set for yourself in May?



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  1. This is a good one. I need to adopt it. I’ve been living with CB for about seven months now, but we still have boxes to go thru and clutter to sort. I’m slowly discovering that he’s more okay with clutter than I am. Anyway, I’m hoping we can get something accomplished soon. I think we’ll both feel better when we do.

  2. I love how the Real Simple magazine on that table has a cover story about A Cleaner House Everyday. Does that motivate you?? =) I don’t think goals always have to be about bettering yourself. Sometimes, shit needs to get done. It’s nice that you’re taking a month to focus on organizing your life. Plus, that means next month you could focus on crafting more often. =)

  3. Oh, this is something I need to do as well! I try not to keep too much clutter, but I’m bad at not filing away stuff that needs to be filed. I’m moving in September. Maybe I’ll figure out a better organizational system then. ;)

  4. Good luck! I find that having things organized makes me less stressed out and saves time in the end, even if you have to use time in the beginning to get it done.

  5. To get back on goal with Weight Watchers. It’s been a tough couple of months!

  6. I’ve also been working on a one thing at a month approach this year. But for some reason May is up in the air… still :( I initially had intended to drop all carbs, but that is just impossible right now, so I’m in need of a new goal for May.

    I am OCD about order and organization. I’m not sure if it’s a gift or a curse, but I know I need order to feel good. I would come over and help you get organized in a jiffy! I wish we lived closer by.

  7. Haha, piling system…

    Isn’t it amazing how helpful it is to minimize clutter? I just straightened up our home office and I already feel ten times more productive when I’m working in there… simply because it’s organized!

    My goal for May is to get as much done for the wedding as possible, so that there’s less to stress about once Summer hits :)

  8. Great goal! I am a huge fan of decluttering and do it in my room on a relatively regular basis. There’s no feeling like organizing something, haha :) Good luck!

  9. I really need to do this in the month of June. I’ve been keeping up with the day to day stuff, like dishes and laundry and stuff, but my house feels cluttered besides that. My dining room table has been taken over by CFA materials since December. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in my condo, so my place NEVER has an organized look to it as stuff is spread all around! But after the test, I will box up my book (and hope I won’t have to re-open that box). And then I will tackle my piano room because right now that is the receptacle for anything I don’t know what to do with or want to deal with. And then I am tackling my closet! Any winter clothes that weren’t worn last season are getting packed up and sent off to good will.

    The thing is, I really really enjoy organizing. I just need to find (make) the time to do it!

  10. I’ll be posting an update on my goals in the next few days…I’ve done something similar to you – a goal a month, and so far so good :) My goal for May is to focus on my academic writing, and it was going super well until three days ago when I started feeling ill :(

    I featured this guest post on my blog about self inspiration to motivate ourselves, a lot of my readers found it useful, you might (or might not…) :)


  11. I love a decluttered house. It is so hard for me to keep my papers decluttered with school etc. and that will be my first goal after I graduate!

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