2012 in pictures: Week 1+2

You all know I’ve been a bit obsessed with my iPhone ever since I got it last summer and of course, I’ve been using Instagram ever since someone introduced me to it. I’ve seen a few people do a ” 2012 in pictures”  feature on their blog and I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and see if I can document this year in photos with a weekly post. Since we’re already two weeks into 2012, this first post will feature the pictures from week 1 + 2.



Greta, the snowman & I // a personalized Christmas present from Kim // Kim and I //
Reibekuchen // Skiing // Kaiserschmarrn //
family vacation // pizza rolls // Mercedes Benz Arena Stuttgart (from the train)

iPhone wallpaper // my trip home // letters //
a new mug // at work // current book //
a pretty Christmas gift // Loriot // a postcard from home

  1. How do you like the new Eugenides? I hope to get it for my Birthday…

  2. I could tell you were sad to leave Germany for California. Love the pictures! Hugs!!!

  3. I love Instagram and the food pics make me hungry ;)

  4. So fun! I so wish Tmobile would get an iphone already. I would love to do these posts!

  5. Love this idea! I’m pretty addicted to my instagram too, although sometimes I think I come off as a crazy cat lady. Oh well!

  6. uuuhhh, the food….Reibekuchen and Kaiserschmarrn…now I am hungry!
    And I see you were in Bremen but not the same time I was…booo for always missing your visits there, I was there last year (haha), for Christmas to see my parents. :)

    Looking forward to sharing little pieces from your life with you again this year…


    1. irene, actually she wasn’t in bremen this time but i went to see her at her parent’s place instead :) so you didn’t really miss her… ;)

  7. I see snow!! Looks like a lot of fun! :)

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