Baseball and Triple Berry Pie

You know, I am seriously contemplating a “Sports Package” on Cable TV, so that we can watch all the Red Sox Games. It just sucks that only a handful of games are shown on “basic cable”. How about they show less crap instead?

I kinda dislike what TV has become. We have basic cable (where every show is interrupted by commercials every three minutes = ANNOYING), plus the movie channels and there is STILL nothing on TV, whenever I zap around (which is almost never, because I basically don’t have time to watch TV and then there is nothing remotely interesting on anyways.) How very frustrating.

Last weekend though, J and I were able to watch another Red Sox Game.

Imagine this: Sunday morning, sitting on the couch in your pyjamas with the first cup of (milk)coffee in your hand and watching the game: PRICELESS.
The day couldn’t have started off any better (besides a win for the Red Sox, of course, but hey, they are leading the American League East right now).

We also treated ourselves to some yummy Triple Berry Pie from Marie Callender’s last weekend. We don’t do that very often, but sometimes the craving overcomes us and we have to go out and buy a whole pie :)
We might have gone all out and ate it a la mode, too. Yum!

(That was basically my dinner Saturday night.)

P.S. Today is my sister’s third wedding anniversary! It’s crazy. I can’t believe it’s been three years (and yes, we got married two weeks apart. That’s what twins do :))

  1. Baseball on TV is not really my thing but I absolutely love going to the ballpark to watch a game.

  2. i’m with stef but C would tell you that a sports package is the way to go ;) he’s IN LOVE with ESPN america which we get through our cable and it’s kinda cute how happy it makes him to watch baseball, basketball, football… i think it helps with the missing-home-thing for him :)

  3. wow! sports package…ihhhhh! haha. glad you enjoy it so much though hunbun. and pie sounds awesome! now i want some actually! tasty!!!! did you save me a piece?

  4. …the Red Sox, huh ? :)
    I know what you mean. Sunday mornings are the BEST! :)

  5. Congratulations to Nina and Dirk. Glad you are enjoying the Sox like we are.
    The new laptop arrived today! I am thrilled!

  6. I have one word… TIVO! It is the most amazing invention on the planet.

  7. awww…you’re a sports fan too!!

    I would have to say that your depiction of your Sunday morning is perfection!!

    We don’t have Marie Callendars here…I miss their conrbread and yummy pies! I need to hurry up and get back to Cali….soon!

  8. don’t get me wrong :) I like the Red Sox !!! was surprised that you liked them!
    oh and by the way. have a wonderful Saturday !!!

  9. Jetzt hab ichs auch mal endlich auf deine Seite geschafft.
    Wusste garnicht dass du so ein grosser Baseball Fan bist. Und dann die Red Sox? Interessant. lol.


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