SPF: Someone in music

For this week’s SPF Kristine asked us to show “you in music”…

SPF: Someone in music

© me. Pearl Jam in Hamburg, Germany, 1996.

Obviously, I am not in this picture, but I took it in 1996. There were no digital cameras back then [or maybe there were, but I didn’t own one] and I took this picture with a simple, disposable Quick Snap Camera. I am awfully proud of it, because despite the circumstances, it turned out really well. As you can see I made it quite close to the stage.

This was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to [and believe me, I’ve been to many].

Did you play??

  1. We did have the same idea! I love concerts too.

  2. Nicely done!

    I played, too. Happy SPF!

  3. I take photos at concerts also–always trying to think of a way to sneak a camera in. I must admit I don’t know this band. . . too old I guess.

  4. Pretty nice pic! As a photographer, I have shot quite a few concerts, but never Pearl Jam. The last big name was probably the Black Crowes, though I shot Son Volt at the same festival and I love those pic more because I actually like them!

    I played…humiliating…but I played:-)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a fantastic picture! Love me some Pearl Jam:)

  6. Great picture! So hard to get at concerts!

  7. wow you can see the striations in his muscles! Great picture!

    in 1991 I bumped into Eddie at one of the outside tables at Lollapalooza…wish I would have had my camera then, but we shared a smile I will never forget!

    I played too!

  8. That is a really good picture considering it was taken with a disposable camera. And so old (relatively speaking). Haha. I was 13 years old when you took this and hadn’t been to any pop / rock concerts yet!

  9. awesome picture. back in those days where we went with a quick snap to a concert, huh?:-)

  10. Nice play! That’s a great memory, and pic.

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