Our weekend

J and I had a fun weekend. Friday night we watched “The Saint”. If you don’t know the movie, go and get it right now and indulge in Val Kilmer’s acting skills. You will be delighted. I want you to pay special attention to when he’s portraying the German guy and tell me if you find anything particularly German about him ;) His character definitely feeds the cliché, to tell you that much.

Saturday we headed out real early to enjoy a yummy breakfast at Cafe 50’s, then went walking in the Santa Monica mountains. It was a beautiful sunny day. In the evening, we went to the studio to enjoy a little private concert by J and Aaron. With J’s permission, I’ll try to get an audio treat to you soon. Here’s the visual:


Sunday was nice and quiet – oh yeah, laundry day. J and I like to turn doing laundry into an “adventure”. We bring our books, get some coffee at the coffee shop at the corner and talk about this and that :) like that, laundry is done in a second! :)

Today we went to Ventura and spent some time with J’s Mom. We went to the beach, walked on the Pier and had some lunch at the Pier restaurant. It was a beautiful day. Because of the famous St. Ana winds, we had temperatures up in the mid-70’s [about 23ºC] with very low humidity, which apparently and very unfortunately caused a fire in the Malibu canyon and resulted in the loss of at least 8 houses on the Malibu coast :( It was on the news all night and kind of scary.

  1. I watched it on the news as well….Scary for sure and so very sad when people loose everything.

  2. man, what a life… *sigh* i wish i could pack up my stuff and C and just come and live in LA there with you guys! btw, we watched “the holiday” last night [highly recommended as well. i loved it!] and they were talking about the st. ana winds and how they are supposed to bring [usually good and not like at the malibu coast, i hope] changes!

    big *smooch* your way, sweets! :)

  3. I gotta check out that movie!
    And I would absolutely love to hear J, hope he gives you permission to post a little something for us out there ;-)

    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  4. Sounds like you had a fun weekend… aww, I remember those laundry days. We had to do that before we got a washer. But honestly, I am glad we have a washer now… :)

  5. Its so great to read about your life in LA! Just so different from your post from germany some month ago. Enjoy your time, I’ll be there soon :-D

    Miss ya very much

  6. hi sweetie. your laundry time sounds like fun. i never have that much fun, but thats maybe because the washingmachine is in our basement. its kinda scary down there. hehe. never heard of that movie before, but i do love momo! what a great book i agree!! so how is the weather over there? they say we are supposed to get snow by tomorrow, i doubt it though, its kinda warm and i really dont want any. hehe. send you a big hug and keep enjoying life

  7. I just put “The Saint” on my netflix queue. :o)

    Sound like a fun, relaxed weekend. I am glad you are enjoying L.A.

  8. I heard about the fire. I think I also just heard they stopped it.
    One question: do you always update to the latest WordPress release? (2.0.6 was just released and they say it contains important security releases, but to be honest, I feel kinda lazy and I’d rather just wait for 2.1 to be released.)
    By the way, it was 14°C here today, not quite as warm as L.A. but very warm for January in Germany as you know!

  9. I love the Saint. We have it on dvd…. not a huge Val Kilmer fan but he is really good in that :-)

    Love how you turn laundry into fun – can you work out how I can turn ironing into fun!!!

    Going sailing on Sydney harbour tonight for work – oh its all tough I tell ya! lol

    Love ya Cathy

  10. i want to hear a sound clip. you have promised to upload one for quite a while too so dont keep us waiting ;-) thanks for crossing your fingers for my visa!

  11. Great times! I hope you’ll have a video/audio of the two soon!!! :)
    It almost souds like you enjoy doing laundry… *shudders*

  12. We are freezing our butts off…at night the temperature drops down into the 20s. Good to hear that you are still dealing with the warmer Fahrenheiten. ;-)
    Gosh, I wish I could be in Cali.

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