I have to say that I am kind of getting into it… it is indeed fun to browse through your archive or take new photos to share with all of you :) So here we go… and don’t forget to play!


1. Something with a story behind it.


There is indeed a story behind this street sign… and if you have followed this diary closely, you might already now what it is ;) I saw this [street] sign in my sweetie’s hometown Ventura the first time I visited – and it seemed to be a sign for our relationship… San(dra) and Jon(athan) have been together since.

I would love to live on Sanjon Road

2. A Random and Odd photo.

“The Wave” in Paria Canyon [Utah/Arizona]. One of the most amazing photos I have ever seen and a spot that is on top of my “most-wanted-places-to-visit” list.
I don’t want to bore you with the geology of this place, but you have to admit: it looks amazing!

3. A photo of something borrowed.


My sister’s red Puma Speedcat Sneakers :) I just love them. I borrowed them from her last summer, because they fitted so well with my outfit… and I haven’t given them back yet!