Five Things Friday Vol. 94

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about, or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

Feedly behaved for a couple of weeks until it didn’t. As I heard from others, I don’t think it’s only my blog now. I’ve heard that there are other blogs it has trouble with on and off. Sigh. Why in the world is this so hard to figure out? There must be an easy fix for this. I could easily switch to another feed reader but knowing that so many of my blog friends use Feedly, I am still on a mission to figure out why it’s been having problems not just with my blog, but with a few other blogs too.

*    *    * 

I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday, which made me think of the dentist stories others recently shared. Or, not so recently, as I just realized (how was that two years ago?) I am pretty good at scheduling my bi-annual cleanings but I am also particular about my hygienist (Lee). He does an excellent job and I always schedule specifically with him. Well, this week, there was a scheduling mess-up (or so I was told) and I was not going to see Lee, but another hygienist. Even though I said out loud “oh, that’s fine”, I was internally grumbling. I did not want to see another hygienist. The young lady (I forget her name) did an ok-ish job, she was quick, but she was not as thorough as Lee and she did the polishing first. That seemed odd to me. Wouldn’t you polish AFTER the cleaning?

I wasn’t going to inquire because I didn’t want to drag this appointment out longer than necessary but I was a little confused. Then the (female) dentist came to do my “cancer screening”, which I get done once a year. Usually, Lee uses some kind of “flashlight” that he shines around my mouth. Not this time! The dentist just did a visual inspection and then also felt around my jawline and neck (for swollen lymph nodes, I assume). She has never done this before. Is this a new procedure? I don’t know. It was kind of an odd visit this time. I do hope Lee is back for my next appointment at the end of this year.

*    *    * 

As you know, I am a pretty early riser. I like getting stuff done in the morning. This reel made me laugh so hard though. While I would generally consider myself a morning person, I also like to joke that I get up early to work out before my brain figures out what I am doing.

*    *    * 

Are you watching UEFA Euro 2024? Germany is hosting this year’s UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) European Championship and the tournament started a week ago. We’re still in the group stage and Germany is in group A alongside Switzerland, Scotland, and Hungary. The German team defeated Scotland last week. I am usually not that much into football (soccer), but I will always watch the European or World Championships and cheer for the German team. When the competition is about to start, It’s like a switch is turned on and I am a little bit surprised every single time. Looks like I do have something like patriotism for my home country.

*    *    * 

Speaking of which, Wednesday was Juneteenth (a federal holiday) and I had the day off. I was thrilled because Germany played Hungary in the morning (PDT) and I was able to watch the match from the comfort of my couch. I did my workout in the morning, showered, and was ready to go with my first cup of coffee before kick-off. Germany won 2:0 and the group stage win looks likely right now. The next match is on Sunday against Switzerland and I am so excited that I’ll be able to watch that as well. 

What’s been exciting in your life this week?


  1. I just watched the reel of morning person and can’t stop laughing! hahaha… so cute! thanks for sharing.
    cancer screening is scary but it’s getting more common for yearly check ups I think. we just did ours and my husband has one marker that has been higher than normal for the second year, so he’ll do a follow up. It’s better to get caught early than sorry later, although I don’t think it’s the case.
    yes, I lost your posts in Feedly for a while, only now it’s back. sorry you’ve been having so many issues with them.

    1. Haha, wasn’t that reel hilarious? ;)
      And yes, cancer screening is always a bit scary, but check ups are so important, so I try to get them done regularly.

  2. Hee hee… “please pray for the rest of us.” I think deep down I’m a night owl, so I can identify.
    I’m not watching the soccer (football) tournament, but your Wednesday off sounds SO nice! I would happily watch a game on my couch instead of going to work.

    1. Well, I know you live the early bird life, too for many reasons… I totally could be a night owl though ;)

  3. LOL… “I like to work out early before my brain figures out what I’m doing.” If that’s not me, I don’t know what is. 🤣

    1. Hahaha. I am glad you can relate to this ;)

  4. Thanks do the reminder … I need to call my dentist back and make an appointment …

    Share exciting in my world this week?
    I went to two book clubs this week. I have committed to trying out a few to find a good fit. It was only my first time st both and as it takes me a bit to warm up to people. I will save any opinion until I’ve attended a few.

    … Oh and I also went to a full moon summer solstice sound meditation last night. That was wonderful.

    1. Oh, how wonderful you’ve been to two book clubs. I’ve been contemplating finding a new book club myself. I know it’s always hard to join an established group. I hope you find a good fit.

      And the summer solstice meditation sounds amazing.

  5. Thanks for the reminder … I need to call my dentist back and make an appointment …

    Share exciting in my world this week?
    I went to two book clubs this week. I have committed to trying out a few to find a good fit. It was only my first time st both and as it takes me a bit to warm up to people. I will save any opinion until I’ve attended a few.

    … Oh and I also went to a full moon summer solstice sound meditation last night. That was wonderful.

  6. I am absolutely a morning person, and sometimes I have to remind myself not to sing out loud when I’m on the peloton, with my headphones on.

    1. Ha, I can absolutely envision you on the bike singing out loud at 5 in the morning :) You definitely are a morning person!

  7. I understand about Lee. I prefer one dental hygienist, Dorothy, but she isn’t a full-time employee anymore, travels often, so I sometimes get someone else.

    What’s been exciting in your life this week? My zinnia seeds are starting to grow, about 2″ high now, which means rabbits haven’t eaten them. These seeds have been slow starters and had me worried that they’d been munched.

    1. Oh yay, I am glad your plants didn’t get eaten up by rabbits.

  8. Oh, your mid-week day off watching a game on the couch sounds SO NICE. My husband had off that day as well but I didn’t. So he got stuck driving Ethan to an 8:30 am orthodontist appointment, and later taking him to a driver’s ed session. Haha.
    I’m a morning person too, but I also enjoy the later night hours sometimes too! Like I love just snuggling in bed at night and watching a show with my husband, for example… for too long. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work to be both a morning person and a night owl. ha.
    Sorry you’re still have Feedly issues!!!! I can so relate- it’s so so frustrating. I have been so busy with our trip etc that I’ll admit I haven’t always been good about going to dig and look for posts besides ones that I see in Feedly! I’m sorry if I’ve missed some! :(

    1. Haha, no, it doesn’t really work to be both a morning person and a night owl. Sadly!

  9. I’m a morning person too, though I like to wake up a bit before I do my exercises.
    I had my semi-annual dental cleaning on Friday. Polishing before cleaning? I’ve never heard of that before. I’m glad your dentist does some cancer screening. My dentist said that she’s never found cancer, thankfully. My old dentist found it in a patient once, so I guess it’s not terribly common. But it’s easy to check for and so non-invasive, it would be foolish to skip it.

  10. I really struggle with mornings and it is an ongoing frustration of mine. Enjoying mornings sounds like the nicest way to move through our world which does seem to be built for people who enjoy mornings? I don’t want to sleep in late, but in my ideal world, I’d never need to be out of bed before 8 am. I much prefer staying up late at night, but that’s not really feasible since I have kids that need to get to school!

    Darn Feedly. I’m late to the commenting party because, you guessed it, your posts only showed up in my feed this morning. I am SO frustrated on your behalf. My posts are pulled in to Feedly, but there seems to be an almost 24-hour delay these days. Not sure why/what’s going on with Feedly. SIGH.

  11. Ugh the feedly issue is so annoying.

    I am finally done with the overly chatty hygienist and now I have a guy who is fine. I have long has a similar screening process to what you described. But polishing first? That is bizarre!

    We have not watched the euro cup but we did watch a bit of the coupa American cup with Paul. He got super into the game actually. He made a sign that said ‘go USA! I love your team’. I thought that was so very sweet and endearing. I think he’s going to love the Olympics this summer!!

  12. I am dealing with my own Feedly issues – thankfully, it’s not as bad as what you were dealing with. Sometimes my posts are delayed by maybe 12 hours, but it’s still frustrating!
    That is really weird that the dental hygienist started with polishing. I’ve never heard of that! I go for a teeth cleaning next Friday so I’ll have to report back if this is a new standard of care, lol.

  13. I’ve always been to dentists, where the dentist does the cleaning and check-up. Our health insurance covers a check-up and cleaning every six months. The issues with Feedly are a bit ridiculous. I noticed that my posts tend to vary in how long they take to appear, but usually not longer than 24 hours. I did get another big batch of posts in one hit from your blog.

  14. Ive been with the same dentist until he retired and now he’s sussecsor is a bit different but honestly I don’t care much. They do the job and done. My hygienist is the same I ever had so I wouldn’t even know a difference.
    However cancer screening at the dentist… never heard of it. is there gum cancer tor something?

    Sorry about the Feedly issue… One day. One day my friend…

    As for the EM… for some reason I am so not into it this year. I did watch the game against Switzerland which was all too exciting. Today is another game but I am not even sure we are watching it. Maybe. We’lss. It is strange this time around.

  15. Ugh, considering that you posted this in June and I am only just now on July 11 getting a notification that you linked to my blog… I think the issues are alive and well. Feedly is not reporting my posts either, and I have noticed a discrepancy between when Elisabeth posts and when her posts show up in Feedly, too. I don’t really even use Feedly anymore, but I know a lot of people do. SO FRUSTRATING.

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