Five Things Friday Vol. 89

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

You all are too kind. Thank you for all the comments that I don’t have to catch up on your old(er) blog posts but that you’re excited to hear about what I’ve been up to. Unfortunately, I cannot do that.I have started employing a new strategy though. Usually, I try to catch up from the oldest to the most current blog posts, this time, I started reading out of order and I actually decided not to comment on everything) but I do like to catch up on your lives and not feel like I missed anything important. I am slowly getting there.

On a frustrating note, in theory, I know why Feedly is “acting up” again for some of you, but getting it fixed is still no easy process. Now Feedly hasn’t pulled from my blog again in a week. Sigh. I am sorry about that. I continue to work on a solution.

*    *    * 

I had a good laugh when a guy posted on the NextDoor App about a strange purplish beam in the sky, almost like a laser beam, that freaked him out. Hahaha. I am 99% sure he was just pulling people’s legs but the responses were hilarious. (Note: the “purple beam” is lit every time our basketball team, the Sacramento Kings, wins a game. One of the main team colors is purple.)

*    *    * 

Do any of you guys have hummingbirds in your yard? As you might recall, I started putting up hummingbird feeders last summer and had a steady stream of visitors throughout the winter (I guess it doesn’t get cold enough here for them to migrate), but I noticed a recent sharp drop in visitors. At first, I was worried, but a little Google search revealed they might disappear in late March/April when spring is here and they have flowers to feed on. This makes me feel so much better. Nature is doing its thing! I hope they know they can return when they need more support.

*    *    * 

I had a good day in the office yesterday; coffee + a good chat with my (male) co-worker (it’s becoming a weekly thing) and a chat with my other (female) co-worker with whom I went to the drone workshop a few weeks ago. It’s nice to get to socialize a little more.

I also figured out how I get my staff profile page updated (which is ridiculous because this should have been an automated process all along [insert eye roll] – a story for another day) and I finally started using my standing desk again. I don’t know why I have hardly used it since my return to the office, but I want to use it more now on my in-office days. Sadly, I don’t have a standing desk at home but that might be something I will consider in the future. Do you have/use a standing desk?

*    *    * 

Phew, I am glad I got out that post about the last PeloFondo yesterday because guess what? The next PeloFondo is TOMORROW and of course, I’ll be riding with the Tanja and the Streakers365 again!

*    *    * 

BONUS HAPPY NOTE: Pearl Jam released their 12th studio album, Dark Matter, yesterday! I started listening to it on Spotify in preparation for the concert in a few weeks. So far, I like what I hear! A very typical Pearl Jam-ish sound! ‘Wreckage” is my favorite song right now. Go and have a listen. I am so excited to see them LIVE again finally (it’s been too long!).

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Oh, I love that you’re excited about the new Pearl Jam album! My husband is really into music and thought it might be under the radar for a lot of folks.
    Have you checked out your hummingbird feeder to make sure there isn’t any mold in there? Sometimes when the hummingbirds stop coming by, mine is clean and it’s just the increase in flowers. Other times it’s dirty and they don’t want it. Just in case you weren’t aware.
    I used to use a standing desk, but it was a cheap one that was basically a table that I put on top of my desk. It really only works with a single monitor and I use two now, but when I used it, I really loved it. Standing all day isn’t good either, so I used to go back and forth, sitting when I worked on paper or in meetings, standing when on my computer. My current job is 100% on the computer though, so again, if I were to use one, I’d need to invest in one that goes up and down smoothly rather than something that sits on top of your desk.

    1. The PJ album won’t be under the radar for real music fans, I am sure :) glad to hear your husband is into it too.

      Thanks for the tip about the hummingbird feeder, but mold is definitely not the problem (I change the nectar every other week – and more often in the summer – and I just changed it last weekend), so I just hope they’re happy feeding somewhere else right now :)

      I love that you’ve used a standing desk. I have one of those “table top” things but it has a motor and can go up and down smoothly, so I can switch between sitting and standing very easily. Standing all day is definitely not good but it’s nice to have the option.

      1. I’m glad that mold isn’t the issue…sometimes when I change the nectar, I see black buildup around the little plastic flowers, so something for folks to watch for. Springtime is great for hummingbirds, so many flowers!

  2. There are hummingbirds here, but our yard is currently a disaster with the landscaping process going on. I am very tempted to get a feeder when all this is over. It’s novel to me to live in a place where there are hummingbirds!

  3. I don’t have a standing desk at home, but I have purchased standing desk converters (is that a term??) for my team that wants the functionality at both in the schools. They really like it, so it might be an option for home. I can look for it if, you want. I think I purchased them via Amazon, and it wasn’t terribly expensive. I’ve been thinking about how I need better posture overall – not just with my work set up but also how I’m approaching the world. I can definitely see it coming to haunt me as I get older… but it feels like one of those habits that is really hard to break.

  4. You are so nice reading back the blog log. I also feel needing to read some blogger’s older post when I am traveling, feeling I need to know their life hahaha…
    I love chatting with some colleagues too, it’s nice to socialize at work to make it more fun, but with the right person of course.

  5. Gah! I am just seeing this post now and although I am very anti-violence, I kinda want to punch Feedly. (For the record, it didn’t show up in my feed, I just thought: I haven’t heard from San in a while and navigated over and you have POSTS I HAVE MISSED.)

    My tactic when we were travelling was that I would read everyone’s posts – just scrolling through at, night to relax – but I wouldn’t comment on ANYTHING. It worked really well. I am so invested in everyone’s lives and stories, but I never want it to feel like a “burden” (if that makes sense).

    My husband has a standing desk and loves it. I have an exercise ball chair which I love, but do sit. But I have a treadmill attachment so I can walk and work. I don’t use it nearly as much as I should, but last week I’d say I logged 3+ hours of walking while I worked on my laptop which felt like a win.

  6. no standing desk here. We have a fixed desk on the wall in the study. A standing desk would be great but not practical for our house. We don’t have hummingbirds here, I have tried to plant our garden out to attract native birds but it needs to grow!

  7. I’ve seen hummingbirds when I lived in Idaho (never anywhere else) and was so smitten with them. Happy to hear they are currently finding food elsewhere but I can imagine you are missing them.

    It’s nice to have co-worker to chat with. I always loved that part of my office days.

  8. We only see hummingbirds in the summer but that makes sense as I don’t think they could handle fall through spring here. I only see them at my parents because they have bird feeders in their yard. I love seeing them!

    Sorry to hear about the feedly headache. Why is it so hard to get it to work properly!!

  9. Gah, Feedly. I’m sorry it’s still being such a nightmare to you! I just saw a bunch of posts from you. Apologies for my late comments!

    I have a standing desk, and it was pretty affordable through Amazon (under $150, I think?!). I don’t use the standing functionality as much as I thought I would but it’s still nice to have the option!

  10. Augh, San, I’m so sorry. Feedly is – as you know – still a mess for your blog, which means that I am super-super-late to comment here.
    I have a standing desk at work but a) I’m rarely there these days for multiple reasons, and b) I didn’t use it much when I was there more regularly. I have this cheapo table top one at home, but haven’t used it in…wow, a year? It’s really heavy and hard for me to get situated on my desk, so I’ve just ignored it. Might be time to donate that… I’ll be interested to see what you decide!

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