Five Things Friday Vol. 66

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

This weekend, I’ll be participating in the “SUMMIT Stride” event. It’s the running version of the PeloFondo. It’s a virtual running event where you pledge miles – individually or as part of a team – and then run those pledged miles on the given date. We participate as a Streakers365 team, and the original team goal was set to 50 miles but we currently have 49 runners with almost 300 miles pledged. So awesome!

*   *   *

My (small, amateur container) garden is coming along. I didn’t plant much this year (only zucchini, tomatoes and strawberries, and some herbs), but so far I’ve been able to keep everything alive and thriving. It’s probably partially due to the very mild weather here. We had a couple of hot days, but overall it’s been a lot cooler than the average temperatures for May/June.

*   *   *

Sadly, I think our pair of finches have abandoned their nest. I haven’t seen either of them in days. I am wondering if the blue jay that had been frequenting our bird feeder has something to do with it (I read that they can get kind of aggressive towards other birds and the finches might not have felt safe. I like the blue jays much less now after learning about their aggressiveness, even though they’re such pretty birds.) I do not know if the finches had already laid eggs or if they were still in the nesting phase, but I don’t think I get to see baby birds. Sigh. On a different note, I have seen another bird species – an oak titmouse – visiting our feeder. That was exciting. They’re small, delicate birds with a little tuft on their heads.

*   *   *

My best friend celebrated her birthday this week and it reminded me that she’s been living with a brain cancer diagnosis for 15 years (gasp!). She’s really been robbed of a normal life and all the milestones people hit in their 30s and 40s, and I am just in awe of her resilience. I also learned this week about a fellow runner friend (almost a decade younger than me) who was diagnosed with breast cancer. You guys, we need to be thankful for every single day that we wake up happy and (overall) healthy.

*   *   *

If you’re wondering about the tile saga. There are no updates. Our landlords decided to “ghost” us for as long as possible, or so it seems. (It’s comical to me, tbh.) We haven’t heard anything since the landlord was here with the sample tile (that wasn’t a match) about 3.5 weeks ago. We’re currently taking bets if they a) are using every free waking minute frantically trying to find a matching tile locally (unlikely, both that they’re doing this and that they’ll find a match), b) are on a trip to Mexico to acquire a sufficient number of the (most likely) original tiles to properly replace the broken ones, or c) are plotting a scheme on how to erase our memory (alla Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind) – and thereby ignore – the issue altogether. 

What’s been going on in your world this week?

  1. You are so right, we do need to be thankful about every single day we are here. I’m so happy your friend is still here after such a diagnosis.
    Good luck with your garden! I love gardening so I’ll be excited to see updates.
    The tile situation! This is getting so ridiculous!

    1. Thanks my friend. It definitely puts things in perspective.

  2. I’m guessing by now you would have done your run? How great to get so many people on board.

    Your container garden is looking very healthy. I look forward to seeing its progress over the summer.

    You are so right about being appreciative of every day we are here. I’m glad you’ve been able to celebrate so many birthdays with your friend.

    1. I agree, so far my container garden looks healthy, but we’ll see it produces something! It’s been hit and miss in the past. Any expert tips?

      1. I’m not great with pots. I forget to water. That’s why I made sure Hubby hooked the watering system up to our veggie gardens.

  3. Every day is truly a gift. After my friend passed from cancer at age 48 in May I am so much more aware of time passing. Happy birthday to your friend.
    Gardening is life for me. I love being outside surrounded by green. A wonderful running initiative, how are you feeling?

    1. Yes, I thought of the story about your friend who recently passed away (way too young!) It’s hard to accept.

  4. fully agree to be grateful of a normal healthy day of life. as we age, we see more sickness around us, people close to us, almost constant reminder of how fragile life could be. taking care of one self and be grateful is a non-negotiable.

    1. You’re so right. We have to take care of ourselves, do the best we can!

  5. Awe, the finches are gone :( That’s sad.
    Yep, sometimes I need a reminder to be thankful for a pretty healthy life! Sending positive energy your friends way.
    Your landlords are like my boss – if we don’t talk about certain things they might just disappear lol. Funny but sad.

    1. I know, I am so sad about the finches :(

  6. Your garden looks so good!
    Gosh, your best friend is an inspiration. And I wonder if she is the type that does not want to hear that or feel that way but she is. I was shocked when Ali Feller announced her breast cancer diagnosis this week :( F*cking cancer.
    Last week was bonkers at work. It looks like this week will be the same. Sigh.

    1. I definitely think that my friend often doesn’t feel resilient and that she’s an inspiration but I try to remind her about that often. I was so shocked to hear about Ali, too. :(

  7. I try to remind myself regularly that I’m lucky to be happy and safe. Not everyone is as lucky as I have been in my life.

  8. Option four for your landlord — they are in Mexico on vacation and are not really in a rush to do anything! My brother has had the worst time with his landlord, well actually it is a property manager, and they never respond. It has gotten so bad that my brother actually just went and bought a new fridge rather than go through the annoyance of trying to get ahold of the manager and have them do it.

    1. Haha. Valid point. (I just posted an update today). I am sorry that your brother also has to deal with non-responsive landlords. If it was just about an appliance, I’d probably done the same… but I can’t possibly just hire someone to rip up the floor LOL

  9. Frustrating on your tile.
    I’m so friggin sick of cancer. SO SICK OF IT. I’m sorry that your friend has missed so many milestones, but glad that she is still here. I lost a friend to cancer in March, as well as my sweet Mulder, and several friends have had chemo, and it’s all just horrible.
    Good luck with your plants! I used to try to grow things, but our yard doesn’t really get enough sun, so I’ve given up and just dedicate myself to being a good consumer at the local Farmer’s Markets. Which reminds me that I need to go this weekend, I haven’t been in awhile.

    1. Oh, I know Julie, you had your fair share of recent cancer stories :( I am so sick of it, too. I just read an article that there is an uptick in cancer diagnosis in younger people. So terrible.
      I think being a good consumer at the local Farmers Market is a good thing!

  10. I’m glad your garden is doing well! I miss having a garden plot. The times I’ve tried to do container gardening, it has not been successful! I’d like to take some bushes out and put in a garden but that will be quite a project as the bushes are quite large. But fresh produce is amazing!

    I’ve known of several who have been dx’d with breast cancer in their early 30s. It’s so sad. But it’s a reminder to not take our health for granted!!

    1. It’s definitely hit and miss with the container garden…. But I keep trying ;) I hope you can set up a little garden plot some day.

      Yes, very sad that so many young people are affected by cancer. It really puts things in perspective.

  11. I have no flowers, herbs, or veggies this year. I have failed every year. Sigh. I think part of it is that my patio/balcony (can it be a balcony on the 1st floor?) faces northwest. The light. is. terrible. Best in the summer, of course, but still terrible. I hope that your garden is productive! And good grief, I hope you have a tile update that I have not yet seen, because this is getting more ridiculous by the day. And finally… cancer sucks. It really, really sucks. I’m sorry your friend has gone through what she has. I hope she recognizes just what an amazing person she is.

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