15: November Link List

I am doing NaBloPoMo this month. 30 blog posts in 30 days. Come join me. #nablopomo2021

Around the Interwebs

99 ways to fight climate change.

Looking back: Sexiest men alive- then & now

I used to do that as a teenager a lot, now I wish we had more options in our apartment to move stuff around. 4 Surprising Mental Benefits of Rearranging Your Furniture.

What group narcissism does to society.

Why people can’t teleport. I guess there are a few obstacles.

Should we care about Thanksgiving this year?

The psychology of the to-do list – why your brain loves ordered tasks.

Around the blogosphere

I liked this post a lot. Why It Might Be Smart to Fail On Purpose.

How To Do A Personal Time Audit.

Are You Friends With Any Older Women? This is beautiful.


20 Gorgeous Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for 2021.

These felt nordic reindeers are so cute.

Pattern: Bulky Dotty Beanie.

For my runner friends

Lunch ideas for runners.

Have you tried it? Running With Weights

Should You Carb Load Before a Marathon?

Always looking for good suggestions: Supportive Sports Bras for Running.


Vanilla Almond Milk Tea. Delightful.

Sounds yum! Cheesy Crispy Cauliflower Gratin

Zwiebelkuchen: The BEST German Onion Pie Recipe. I haven’t had Zwiebelkuchen in forever.

Friendsgiving Food Ideas.

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  1. River Runner (https://river-runner.samlearner.com/?) allows you to drop a raindrop anywhere in the contiguous US and it will show you where the water will ultimately end up. I find it really soothing to watch the map.

    1. That’s a cool link. As a geographer, working with hydrologic data, I appreciate it even more!

  2. Re the Cup of Jo article: I AM friends with some older ladies and it is just…the sweetest. I had lunch last week with a lady I call my life mentor; she’s in her 70’s and thinks of me as the daughter she never had…We both get so much out of our friendship. She has wisdom and grace to spare (and I can give her lots of problems to help me solve with all her experience)! I think she likes living vicariously through me, always wanting to know the little details of what’s happening in my life. It’s such a special relationship and one I treasure very much.

    We send emails to each other each week, but every few months, as scheduling allows, I steal away to her house for 3 hours of bottomless cups of tea and she makes me a homemade soup and a gourmet sandwich (she calls her apartment my soup-and-sandwich-oasis). She always has a notecard full of questions for me when I arrive; it makes me feel so loved. She keeps a section of a prayer notebook specifically for me/my family where she records all the details I mention like birthdays, and who is in what class or doing what job. She keeps all our holiday cards and pictures the kids might draw for her. She always sends me home with a bag of goodies; some new tea she wants me to try, homemade cookies for the kids…

    When I’m having a particularly hard day, I will write her and her sage advice is always timely and relevant.

    On another note – thanks for the shout-out/link to one of my blog posts. It made my day :)

    1. Oh, I love this so much, Elisabeth. Sounds like you have a great relationship with this older lady. How did you meet her?

  3. I loved that article about being friends with old ladies. Unfortunately I can not say I had tat many experiences. Only maybe my grandmas girlfriends that taught me a lot he board and card games I know. But I never went there on my own I just saw them when they visited my grandma. I love the concept though.
    On another note those Christmas trees look so different from what I usually put up. It is fun to see though. I find the rainbow one was pretty well executed.

    1. I’d say grandmas – and grandma’s girlfriends – count :)

  4. Ooh! Looks like some fun stuff here. i have a nice evening of link browsing ahead of me. i mentioned him in my blog post today, but I’m loving David Cain’s raptitude.com. So much good stuff there.

    1. I hope you enjoy some of these links :)

  5. I can’t wait to go through all these links, you always post the best ones. I teach senior’s yoga, and I have become very close to many of my older ladies. They are just so wonderful and interesting. Our society tends to dismiss older people, particularly older women, which is so unfortunate, as I think we become more beautiful and interesting with age.

    1. Thanks so much, I am glad you guys find these link lists worthwhile! I try to only share the best :)

  6. That cheesy cauliflower gratin looks AMAZING. And I loved the Cup of Jo essay – so beautiful! Makes me very happy that my daughter has befriended an older woman in our neighborhood. (And that I am, more slowly, befriending her too.)

    1. That’s wonderful that your daughter has befriended an older woman. Three generational friendships are even better :)

  7. The cheesy cauliflower gratin reminds me of a dish I made last year when I needed a low carb Thanksgiving due to my gestational diabetes. Unfortunately it was NOT great. Just way too rich for us but at least it gave me a nice alternative to mashed potatoes (which would have spiked my blood sugar). It reminds me to be grateful I don’t have to think too much about carbs on Thanksgiving day this year!

    I do not have any older women for friends, unless you count people 10 years older than me which I don’t think counts!

    1. Ah, bummer, that the dish that you made for Thanksgiving last year was no winner… but yeah, it can happen that these types of dishes are too rich/heavy.

      I get why you wouldn’t include women that are “only” 10 years older as having “older women friends”… but I do think even 10 years can give a valuable different perspective :)

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