Five Things Friday Vol. 24

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

We got both our stimulus payment and our tax return within the last two weeks and it’s been a nice and welcome cash injection, I must admit.  However, we really don’t need the stimulus like other people and I do hope that people who really needed the help during the pandemic have received it!. Have you gotten your stimulus check yet?

*  *  *

As I have mentioned (everywhere!), Jon got his first COVID-vaccine shot this week and I couldn’t be more excited. In case you’re curious: he received the vaccine through our medical center at a local vaccine clinic. He got the Pfizer vaccine and had no side effects (other than a bit of a sore arm) from his first shot. I am currently signed up with, California’s vaccination coordination site, waiting for my turn. If you are in California and haven’t gotten your vaccine yet, you should sign up, too. 

*  *  *

I am currently doing research for a project at work, which means googling (no problem!) and calling (ugh!) companies to ask for specific information. While I don’t mind calling people in general, turns out, cold-calling companies to ask questions (they might not want to answer or don’t know the answers to) is not my strong point. I’d be a horrible sales rep, haha, and I am not even trying to sell anything.

*  *  *

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I bought some new plants for our apartment. I feel ridiculous even talking about it, but we didn’t have any plants at all for a long while other than one cactus (that I kept outside) and a succulent on my new work-from-home desk. Our living room gets very little direct sunlight, sadly, so I didn’t really bother buying plants that would just “die” on me.  But of course, there are plenty of plants that thrive in low-light environments and now I want to add more. I already asked on IG for suggestions for any low-light houseplants that are pretty and easy to care for, but if you want to drop any other suggestion in the comments, that would be fantastic, too. Please and thank you :)

*  *  *

I am so excited to bake my sweet plaited yeast bread again for Easter this weekend. This is pretty much as far as our Easter activities will go. We haven’t dyed any Easter eggs and we didn’t decorate, but who am I to skip traditional yummy food, amirite?!

Have a great Easter weekend! What are your plans?

  1. Yay congrats to Jon for shot #1! It’s amazing how quickly the vaccine rolled out here. Just one more week until shot #2 for me.

  2. So good Job got his shot. Also all hand up for yeast Easter bread. I’ll check you recipe now that I know where it is.

  3. So happy, Jon received his first shot. Hope it’s your turn soon!!!
    Yeah for Easter bread – will for sure make it again next year (if I’m not on a move…)
    Easter workout with my BFF it is for me on Easter Sunday!

    1. Thanks friend. It was good to work out with you! ;)

  4. So glad Jon got his first dose. I got my 2nd dose last Wednesday and had no side effects! Phil gets his J&J vaccine on Thursday! I am so glad we will be fully protected very soon!

    I do not have any plants! I have tried to keep them alive in the past and I have had no luck. Plus with young kids and a cat it would be tough to keep them out of the dirt! But I do great with outdoor flowers! Can’t wait for it to be reliably warm enough to buy some!!

    1. Have you planted a garden again for this year?

      1. I decided to give up my plot this year. :( It was hard to get over there last summer so I think it would be even harder with a baby. Hopefully I can get a plot again in 3-4 years when we are in a less demanding stage of parenting! If I did have a plot, I would plant it in about a month. We still have freezing overnight temps until around mid-May! :/

        1. That totally makes sense, although I understand that it must have been hard to give it up. You had such a big bounty!

  5. So glad that Jon got his vaccine, and hope that you were able to get yours shortly thereafter. (I’m behind on posts, so it’s probable that you have…)

    RE: plants. I wound up buying a grow light (LED) and it’s made my plants so happy. They are finally growing (!). I face west, and there is a building across the street that blocks the sun. So. NOT bright in here at all, unless there is reflected light off the building across the street. Anyway, if you are having difficulty making them happy, then a grow light might be a good option!

    Your work project would give me hives. Yikes.

    1. Thanks Anne. I was able to get my first shot this week. I didn’t expect to get an appointment right away, so that was exciting! Did you get yours yet?

      Oh! A grow light. That’s a great tip… thanks so much!

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