Five Things Friday Vol. 12

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Five Things Friday Check-in, mainly because not much happens week after week. I was saying on Instagram, how I couldn’t believe that we’re already in August. I mean, I know last week was July and after July comes August, but damn, how in the world are we almost 3/4 through this year? Wasn’t it just March a few days ago? 

Have you noticed this week that the days are getting shorter again? I know, we’re still in the middle of summer, but I’m already dreading the darker months of the year. I’ve been really thriving on the early morning runs and long evenings during this pandemic. 

*  *  *

Here’s a little garden update: nothing is happening yet. Well, that’s not true…. when I say nothing is happening yet, I mean, there are no fruits yet. I’ve seen blossoms on both the cucumber and tomato plant and the zucchini plant is also growing. I know I am impatient, and I “only” planted in the middle of June. I guess it’s just that I want the satisfaction of harvesting something because I’ve seen some of your bounties already! 

*  *  *

I’ve been on a smoothie kick lately. Every summer, for a few weeks, I get into smoothies. They’re quick, filling, healthy and nutritious and just a great breakfast option. I can also put my supplements in there. I’ve been sharing my smoothie blends on IG stories lately if you want to check out what goes into mine right now. 

*  *  *

On my grocery run this morning, I picked up Rae Vegan Collagen Boost Powder at Target and the reviews seem pretty good. I used Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides before and I wanted to start taking them again, but I thought I’d give this vegan option a try. Not because I am going vegan, but because I had a (digital) coupon, and that’s always a good excuse to try out new products. Have you used it (or any other item from the brand) before?

*  *  *

I am sure you’ve heard about the devastating explosion in Beirut earlier this week. One of my dear friends is from Lebanon and it breaks my heart to know that she has friends and family there that have been impacted. Please, if you can – and would like to – help, check out this link.


  1. I haven’t noticed the days getting shorter myself, but ugh, I am not looking forward to start noticing the shorter days. It’s going to be doubly awful because I love going for a walk when I finish up my work day (usually around 6 p.m.) and it’s going to be pitch black at that time when the time changes. Noooo!

    1. The days will be darker at the beginning and end of my work day and it will suck.

  2. I love your IG stories and seeing your morning smoothies. I haven’t had one in ages; thanks for the reminder to stock up on fruits! The blast in Lebanon is just unbelievable. So much destruction in a short amount of time 😢 What a year, eh?

    Also I don’t have a bounty just yet either but I planted in March so I feel like I should really have a tomato or pepper to show for my efforts!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    1. This year is really something else. :(

      I hope you get to harvest something soon.

  3. I was feeling left out of the collagen trend as well due to being a vegetarian. I tried the Vital proteins fish based one and it was pretty good. Curious to hear how you like the vegan one

    1. I’ll report back :)

  4. Your first paragraph reminded me of an interesting perspective on the feeling that “days fly past”.
    Apparently, there’s an inversely proportional relationship between the number of stimuli the brain processes and the sense of time speeding by. When we are young and experiencing lots of new stimuli, time actually seems to be passing more slowly.
    As we get older, we experience less “new” things, creating the perception that time flies past.

    1. I’ve heard about this perspective and I think there is something to it!

  5. This year definitely is something for the history books.
    I am not sure about already living through August. For one this year can pack it and then I feel like we are somewhat robbed of the carefree summer months…

  6. The year is flying by and I”m not sad about it!! I just want 2020 to be over… I don’t like to wish away a year but with COVID and everything else happening, it hasn’t been a great year. We are lucky and will end the year on a positive note with the arrival of our little boy (hopefully all goes well!) so I am focusing on that but I’m just ready to say goodbye to 2020…

    I have noticed the days getting shorter, too. I’m dreading the arrival of cold weather as we’ll be cooped up indoors and not seeing anyone during the winter months due to COVID. So I am trying to make the most of this warm weather while it’s around!!

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