Five Things Friday Vol.9

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

Is everybody freaking out about the Corona Virus yet? I must admit, I am getting a little anxious and I am usually not the anxious kind. While I am not immediately concerned for my health, I do feel though that some drastic measures are in order to #flattenthecurve and make sure that our healthcare system can handle what’s coming, and I am glad to see that a lot of organisations are already taking things seriously (while the administration is still fumbling its way through this pandemic. No words!). NBA season canceled, MLB spring training/season postponed, Pearl Jam concert in April postponed. The campus (where our office is) is still open, but is transitioning its courses online. We haven’t been officially sent home to telework yet, but we’re preparing for it and lots of people are already teleworking. I just heard from my sister that schools in my home state (NRW) and elsewhere in Germany will be closed until Easter.
How are things where you are? Are you concerned? Stockpiling toiletpaper (?) and water? I have to say a lot more about the topic, but maybe in a separate post.

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The presidential primary coverage has almost faded into the background with all the Corona Virus news lately. It’s kind of amazing to see how the news cycle shifts in light of more pressing issues, but it’s all the more imperative for people to see how Trump handles this national crisis with regard to the upcoming election. Don’t you wish right about now that somebody else was in charge? Someone who isn’t so self-absorbed that even a pandemic doesn’t trump his ego? 

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On a more positive note, I currently live for each and every act of calm, consideration, and  kindness, like this one shared on Twitter.

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We already got our tax return this week. That was fast, but I guess the sooner you file, the sooner you get your return. I am not mad about it. Since our tax situation is fairly simple, there was no reason to wait. 

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Last but not least, thanks for all the birthday wishes earlier this week. I haven’t gotten around to responding to everyone directly, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciated every single message. I took the day off from work (because spending the day with Jon seemed like a better idea than being in the office for 10+ hours) and I had a fun day, but that means that I am working today (on my regular day off) and I am only one of a handful of people at the office.



  1. I am concerned, but less panicked today after my state started taking measures to try to flatten the curve. A lot of unknowns right now but kind of trying to go one moment a time.

  2. Definitely a bit concerned but staying in and hoping for the best. I can’t imagine how some people feel, like the old lady from that tweet! These little acts of compassion really go a long way. I get the feeling that the panic in the U.S. is more of a hysteria than it is in Europe, at least, in the Czech Republic where the panic buying is only at low levels (most things except sanitizer still in stock).

  3. We got our return back as well, and you’re right, the quicker you file the quicker it comes back. I’d rather just get it done with and not have to worry about it. Luckily, we got a little bit back so we’ve used that to buy building supplies for the house we’re moving into so hopefully this transition will be rather seamless. Hoping at least!

  4. I’m definitely feeling a bit concerned as I’m in the high risk population since I”m on immune suppressant drugs to manage my RA. I’m trying to stay calm, though! I started to WFH on Friday. On Thursday my company asked all high risk employees to WFH. Then yesterday they asked all employees except call center employees and other essential personnel like traders to WFH through 4/12. I am glad they are being extra cautious. Hopefully all this social distancing will flatten the curve. We only have 14 cases in MN but it’s been on an exponential growth curve so I am sure it will continue to escalate. I do hope people take note of how poorly Trump is handling this – like how he tweeted repeatedly about how it’s not a big deal.

    I’ve been following the situation in Italy and it’s so incredibly sad. :( I just hope that doesn’t become the base case for other countries…

  5. I’m trying to take as many precautions for Coronavirus as possible, but also not worried about it for me personally. I’m mostly worried about the economy – it’s crazy that sports have just SHUT DOWN and that’s such a big part of our economy. And theme parks shutting down, nobody’s traveling, investments dipping, etc., makes me wonder what the impact will be. It also doesn’t help that we have the most incompetent leader at our helm who doesn’t know how to handle a pandemic. That part is really, really frustrating.

  6. It’s really eerie here today- starting this morning all non-essential businesses are closing for two weeks. I started working remotely last week so I feel like I’ll be spending lots of quality time at home with my dog and husband! Hope you stay safe!

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