Clarisonic Update: after one month


So, as promised in my last post about the Clarisonic Mia 2, I am going to share some more thoughts about the gadget. I’ve had it for a little over a month now and I wanted to let you know what I think.

In one word: AMAZING.

No, really. I am so, so happy with it so far. My skin is softer, I feel like it is looking fresher and it absorbs products much better than before. Fine lines have diminished, my pores look smaller (at least I think so) and overall my skin feels glowier and healthier.

My Clarisonic Routine:

I currently use the Clarisonic twice a day. I’ve read that some people only use it at night or even every other day, but for me personally, I like to use it in the morning and evening (for now).

In the morning, I use the Clarisonic in the shower. As I mentioned last time, the Clarisonic is water-proof and perfect to use in the shower. In the morning, when my face is should be pretty clean from the cleansing the night before, I use a small amount of the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash for Sensitive Skin and work the brush for one minute over my face. I also sometimes (not daily though) use it a second round on my neck and décolleté. When I get out of the shower, I use my Neutrogena toner and then immediately moisturize.

In the evenings, it takes a little bit more work. I usually start with removing any eye-makeup with a cotton pad and makeup remover. Then I use Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser  and rub a small amount on my face to remove any foundation or other makeup. I rinse my face and then apply a little more cleansing product to my face, wet the brush head and then start the 1-minute cleansing routine starting with my forehead. I move it around in small circular motions, then work my way over to my nose and chin area and finish with my right and left cheek.  I am not using much pressure, just let the brush head lightly move around on my skin.

The first few times, I was amazed how much product still came off my skin with the brush. You think (!) you’re doing a good job with your hands, but the brush really cleans your skin deeply.

As much as I wish I could report that I didn’t have any more breakouts since using the Clarisonic Mia 2, unfortunately this has not been the case. I did have a few more breakouts. If this is part of the “purging phase” or just my regular every-so-often breakout phase, I can’t say (yet). More insight on that hopefully to come with time.

Note: I always make sure to wash my brush with soap and hot water after cleansing, and then I dry it with a towel. You do not want to create a breeding ground for bacteria by leaving it wet and used on your bathroom counter. 

So what are the pros and cons overall?
  • my skin is the softest it has ever been. No, seriously. It feels so nice to run your hand over it.
  • it only takes 60 seconds out of your cleansing routine. Totally doable. You know that the effort that you have to put into any skin care routine usually dictates how diligently you will use it over time and I feel that the Clarisonic really makes it easy to stick with the routine, because it requires such a short amount of time and effort.
  • small and convenient for traveling (comes with its own little travel case)
  • every time I use it, it feels like a mini-spa experience, because my skin feels so clean and pampered afterwards.
  • I wish it came with a stand (I think the even more expensive Clarisonic brushes do). Our bathroom is very small and we don’t have much “counter space”, so I have yet to find a convenient way to keep the Clarisonic at hand.
  • the charge only holds about a week (especially when you use it twice a day like me). It’s not a big deal, but for travel, it’d be nice to not have to necessarily bring the charger along.
  • it hasn’t completely gotten rid off my breakouts, but a) I am not sure if I am not still in the purging phase and my skin just needs more time and b) I am sure that other factors play a role for breakouts to develop and the brush can’t solve that problem alone. (So this might not even be a “con”.)
The verdict (after a little more than one month):
In my opinion, it’s absolutely worth the hype and money. I am planning to write more updates as I continue to use the Clarisonic, but so far I am really, really happy. It’s not a “miracle tool” that can take care of all potential skin problems alone, but I feel like it’s a great tool to add to your skincare routine that definitely has added benefits. I’ll share any new findings as I continue using it, if you’re interested.
  1. I am glad you have had such good luck with it! I did like how soft and clean my skin felt when using it! I still have not pulled mine back out, mostly because I am afraid to change anything up as my skin has been so blemish free lately (knock on wood). But I should really give it another shot.

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