October Birchbox


I am sure you have heard of Birchbox. In the very rare case that you haven’t, it’s a monthly subscription service where you “receive monthly deliveries of high-end beauty and lifestyle samples from top brands. It’s the best way to discover new products and buy with confidence” (birchbox.com).
As usual, I am somewhat late to the party, but hey, better late than never. I am a sucker for stuff in the mail (who isn’t? And please, just look at this cute, simple brown paper box, which by itself almost makes the subscription worthwhile!) and a monthly surprise box with little goodies is just what makes my little heart happy. I do enjoy trying new products and what better way to discover and try new products for a reasonable price without having to buy a full-size version of something, only to realize that it doesn’t work for you, right? Right.

I kind of missed out on posting about the first Birchbox delivery last month, but did want to take the opportunity to blog about it this time.

So, you fill out a profile on the website and they kinda tailor the monthly box to your preferences and then you wait. They put together a varying number of differently stuffed boxes every month. I received Box #39 for October. To find out what box # you got, go into your account and click on “Box” and then “Women’s Box”.  Scroll down to the “Box History” section and then click on “October 2013″.  The last number in your URL is your box number (bb39 = Birchbox 39).



The October Birchbox theme is “Beauty Buzz”.  Here’s what I received (*calculated value of the samples in parenthesis):


Bain de Terre Macadamia Oil nourishing shampoo ($1.51) and conditioner  ($1.70): I am slightly obsessed with any hair products that have macadamia and/or argan oil in them, because I feel like they really make my fine hair smooth and silky soft without weighing it down. Therefore, I am really looking forward to trying this combo. Preliminary bonus point: the smell is really, really nice.

Karuna Clarifying Treatment Mask ($7): Some honesty up front: I am not a face mask person. I’ve done it a few times in the past, but never with any consistency or great excitement. But: I’m willing to give this a try. This is a cloth mask (I’ve only done cream/lotion mask so far), so this will be interesting. It promises to calm irritated skin, and eradicate excess oil and bacteria.

Benefit Fakeup hydrating concealer ($2): For the longest time, I ignored the value of undereye-concealers and I really can’t tell you why, because I have been dealing with dark circles as long as I can remember. This concealer with crease-proof formula promises to effortlessly mask dark circles and keep skin hydrated for up to six hours. Promising.

ChapStick® Hydration Lock ($2.99): This is a Birchbox Find, which is an “extra” that they’ll send on occasion inside your monthly box, but these must-try extras are in addition to the usual samples—they never replace them. I do use chapsticks/lip balms quite a bit, so I definitely like this. There was also a $1-off coupon in the box to get another one with a discount. I approve!

The total value of the October Birchbox comes to $12.21 (without the “extra”) or $15.20 (with the “extra”). Not bad for a $10 investment. I know from some googling that sometimes the value can be even more than twice that much. I definitely feel that it’s a nice little splurge that is worth the money so far (ok, I’ve only gotten two boxes, but…), because I liked all the products that they sent me and it’s been a nice little surprise every month to look forward to.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox (or any other subscription services)? Do you like it?

  1. I found Birch Box to be a bit of a disappointment. Erik gifted me a three-month subscription for my birthday last year – all the samples were teeny tiny and not anything worth shouting about.

    I got some clarifying shampoo but never noticed any difference in my hair. I got a BB cream I liked but there only enough for one use. I still have some fancy shaving cream and moisturizer that I haven’t tried. The only things I DID like out of three boxes were nail polish, perfume, and a highlighting powder/eye shadow base.

    I had expected more make up, but got a lot of beauty care products (the shampoo, shaving cream, etc.) and that wasn’t exciting to me. But I’m glad you enjoy it! Instead I signed up for Julep because nail polish is my main obsession.

  2. The only monthly subscription I’ve tried is Stitch Fix, which I didn’t like. (Pricey!) I’ve thought about trying Birchbox but I’m not much one for samples (and try to keep my bathroom as uncluttered as possible) or beauty products, in general. I have thought about trying out Pop Sugar’s Must Have Box, because I’ve heard a ton of rave reviews about it. It’s $35 a month, but gives you full-size products which entices me more.

    But I am glad you have loved Birchbox so much. I have heard mixed reviews and I think I know myself well enough to know it’s probably not something for me.

  3. Would you let me know how you like the Benefit Fakeup hydrating concealer?
    I am on the lookout for something like that.

  4. I really loved Birchbox when I had my subscription, but then I realized I’m a beauty products hoarder and was basically keeping everything for a special occasion, which was just plain silly. I’m going to exhaust my supply of adorable little samples and then I might resubscribe. It’s such a fun little treat!

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