2013 in pictures: week 7

2013 in pictures: week 7

Turbo-Chef • Old Soul Coffee • new necklace •
Valentine’s • salad • laundry day •
Thai • honey bunches of oats • Sunday afternoon •

  1. I’ve gotta say, San — I’m loving your photo wrap-ups. So concise, but the compositions are VERY well put-together :) Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Ha, these Turbochefs are great – I want one as well. For now, I have to take my copy from Aldi. ;-)
    That salad looks delicious and the necklace is too pretty!

    Hope you’re doing well. Feel hugged. xo.

  3. Love your weekly picture posts – and I finally know now how to do it!
    Thanks again for your assistance!

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